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  Hints and Tips for: Daymare: 1998 
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 Daymare: 1998 Cheats

Daymare: 1998

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Deer Locations:
-=Mission 1 – Aegis=-
You will find 3 deer in the chapter. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #1
Inside the control room where there is a lift in the middle and it is opening and closing 
continuously due to a body blocking its doors. The deer is sitting inside the lift so get 
inside the lift and shoot it.

-=Deer #2
When you reach the corridor which has access to Lab 02, use the doors at the end and get 
inside the main lab. Once you are inside the main lab, turn left and you will find a half-
open fridge inside which the deer is sitting. Shoot it. This is right in front of the 
Chamber 04 which is marked as PL-X 731.
-=Deer #3
From the main lobby which has the checking gates and some dead security guards lying 
around, use the door on the left side and use the stairs to go up. Keep following the path 
and at the end, you will come to a door. Use the door and enter the office and immediately 
turn left to find a large statue. The deer is sitting at the top of this statue. Shoot it.

-=Mission 2 – The Harbor
You will find 2 deer in this mission. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #4
During this mission, while you are exploring the docks, you will arrive at the location 
where the camera zooms in and shows you the sign of Blair Fish & Co and your character 
will say ‘this seems to be the ideal place to take cover’. While facing the building of 
Blair Fish & Co, turn left and head to the end of the pier where you will come to a wooden 
stand which has a round inflater in it. The deer is sitting right next to this round 
inflater. Shoot it.

-=Deer # 5
While you are exploring the houses, you will come to a road which is closed from one side 
with cones and large signs. The deer is sitting on this very corner on the right side of 
the street. The other side of this street has a white SUV with its lights on and doors 

-=Mission 4 – Sam’s House
There is only 1 deer collectible in this chapter.

-=Deer #6
While heading towards the house, when you enter the outer door which is half opened, turn 
left and check the dumpsters and some trash bags on the right side. The deer is sitting 

-=Mission 5 – The Hospital
There are 2 deer in this chapter. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #7
To get to this deer, you must have pincers. There is an open garden inside the hospital 
and you can only access it from a door which is locked and you must cut the lock with a 
pair of pincers. Go inside and turn left and the deer is sitting on the planter on the 
immediate left side after entering this small garden.

-=Deer #8
When you reach the dark area of the hospital where you must flash continuously to see 
the path up ahead, keep going until some bats break a mirror on the left side. Go into 
the next room where your character will say mention something about him being born in 
the same area. Check to the right side and you will find a deer here sitting on a 
wheelchair. Shoot it.

-=Mission 6 – Downtown (Raven)
You can find 2 deer in this chapter.

-=Deer #9
While playing as Raven, you will come to the building which has the Invader Studios in 
it. Go to the main development room which has a lot of computers and monitors and check 
the monitor which is still on and has some sticky notes on its side. The deer is sitting 
on this very shelf and you will find a really good Easter egg on its face too.

-=Deer #10
Exit the bar where the body of a policeman is hanging from the roof and go down the 
stairs towards the basketball stadium. Instead of taking the stairs up, go down the 
stairs and at the corner below, there is a secret door that you can open and get inside 
on the right side. Head inside and the deer is sitting on the shelf with some monitors 
on it on the right side.

-=Mission 7 – The Sewers
You will find 2 deer in this chapter to collect. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #11
After you activate the tank 2 and get access to the new area, head towards the area 
and make your way towards the tunnel 196. Turn right after going down towards the 
tunnel 196 and enter the office at the end. Go to the far end of the office where you 
will find a photocopier. The deer is hiding behind this photocopier. Shoot it.

-=Deer #12
At the further end of Tunnel 422, the grate is open. Exit the tunnel and check the 
top of the grate to find yet another deer sitting on it. Right next to this grate, you 
will see H 0 7 written on the wall.

-=Mission 8 – Outskirts
There is only 1 deer in this level and we have detailed its location on the map below.

-=Deer #13
Enter the main power supply building from the gate marked 7 next to the white van and 
keep going towards the main door. Right before the door leading inside the structure, 
there is an opening to your left in the chain-link fence that you can use to get inside 
the area where you will find some power coils and large stacks of wires. Go straight 
and at the edge of the area, turn right and aim a little higher towards the mountain 
and you will find the deer sitting there.

-=Mission 9 – Dam Entrance
You will find 2 deer in this mission. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #14
Inside the facility, reach the door marked ‘Basement Entrance’ and get inside. Keep 
following the path in the straight line all the way to the end where a body will 
drop from above as soon as you reach the end. Check the body already lying there and 
note the code written next to it on the floor with blood. Now go back to the start 
but do not leave using the door to the basement. Instead, turn right and continue 
following the path until you arrive at a locker. Use the code you found earlier and 
open this locker. The sneaky deer is sitting inside it.

-=Deer #15
After arriving at the Hexacore Biogenetics floor, go behind the reception counter 
and look for the deer sitting on the far side of the counter.

-=Mission 10 – Downtown (Sam)
You will find 2 deer in this chapter to find and shoot.

-=Deer #16
After running through the main street where there is a bookshop, you will find some 
stairs at the end which lead to a destroyed building. Inside the very first room of 
this building, there is a deer sitting on a set of cabinets next to a coffee machine 
and a water dispenser.

-=Deer #17
Enter the bar with the crashed police car and use the fire exit on its back to get 
access to the streets behind it. Keep going straight and turn left at the end of this 
street and you will arrive back at the road. Look to your left and you will find a car 
similar to DeLorean parked behind a truck. Check the trash cans next to the DeLorean 
and you will find a deer sitting here.

-=Mission 11 – Radio Tower
There is only 1 deer in this chapter and we have detailed its location below.

-=Deer #18
Keep going up the steel stairs until you reach the green gate. Enter the green gate 
and follow the path until you reach some Hexacore barrels up ahead. Check the chain-link 
fence behind these barrels and you will find the deer sitting there.

-=Mission 12 – Lair Dam
The final chapter of the game has 2 deer. Their locations are detailed below.

-=Deer #19
From the main area which has a lot of computers in it, enter the door marked exit and 
keep following the path and enter the last room on the right side. The deer is sitting 
between the two sofas on the right side at the end.

-=Deer #20
You will find the last deer inside the HADES room. Head inside the HADES room and check 
the lockers behind the main room to find a deer sitting there. Shoot it.

Cable Car Puzzle Solution Guide:
Follow our guide to solve the Cable Car Puzzle.

* Grab the fuse from the yellow generator outside.
* Install the fuse in the box to the left of the cable car.
* Interact with the floor panel in front of the cable car and pull the levers in 
  the following order:
  Lever 4
  Lever 2
  Lever 5
  Lever 3
  Lever 1
* Head to the fuel pump and input the following turns:
  Turn 5 (once)
  Turn 3 (6 times)
  Turn 5 (3 times)

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