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  Hints and Tips for: Daymare Town 
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 Daymare Town Cheats

Daymare Town

1. From the view of the town square, zoom in on the well in the centre
2. Collect the coin from the lip of the well and then collect the little 
   hook from the ground to the left of the well. Zoom back out
3. Zoom in on the stone that’s to the right of the well
4. Collect the string to the left of the stone and then look behind the stone 
   and collect the key. Zoom back out
5. Combine the hook and the key and then zoom in on the drain
6. Use the hook and string on the drain and the collect the first piece of 
   the Chinese puzzle. Zoom back out
7. On the left hand side of the first view is a ledge running around the 
   building. Zoom in on this and you will spot the first of 10 birds you need 
   to spot
8. Click up to the sky and then click on the roof just to the right of the tall 
   chimney, you’ll spot another bird here
9. Return to the town square and then click on the armoury building. It’s the 
   one on the right with three arched windows
10. Enter the armoury and then examine the little cupboard on the stairs. Inside 
    you’ll find a screwdriver
11. Next zoom in on the picture of the soldier and make a note of his buttons 
    on his uniform
12. After looking at the picture enter the office to the right. You may see the 
    librarian hiding here, if you click on him he’ll run away. In the office 
    click the top right hand corner of the room. You’ll be able to scale the 
    chimney here and spot another bird at the top
13. Leave the office and then enter the torture room that’s straight ahead. 
    Look in the recess and examine the sink. You may see the librarian here 
    again but just ignore him for the moment
14. Use the hook and string on the sink and collect another key
15. Leave the torture room and go up the stairs to the first floor. Collect 
    the cloth on the floor. You can now leave the armoury
16. Back in the town square, click on the book house, which is the building 
    with really tall door
17. When you’re zoomed in on the door, examine the small hole in the wall and 
    collect the lighter. Enter the book house and then enter the elevator
18. Zoom in on the control panel and go down to the basement
19. Leave the basement and turn around. Enter the scary place and collect the 
    plate. Return to the elevator and go to the top floor, the reading room
20. Leave the elevator and then examine the picture of the house on the wall
21. Click to the left hand side to look behind the picture and get the scroll
22. Zoom in on the bird on the roof of the house to locate yet another bird
23. Go back to the room and zoom in on the reading area to the right. Collect 
    the book from the reading stand
24. Go back to the elevator and go to the archives on floor -1
25. Leave the elevator and go to the massive book case to the right. Find the 
    book with a dot on it on the middle shelf. You can then open this book to 
    find another bird
26. Back to the elevator and go to the workshop on floor -2
27. Leave the elevator and zoom in on the puzzle on the wall. Turn the buttons 
    so they match the patter you saw on the soldier in the picture. The puzzle 
    will slide open and you can collect the second piece to the Chinese puzzle
28. Move to the right and zoom in on the table
29. Click the stone to lift it and then place the scroll underneath. The stone 
    will fall and crush the scroll revealing the sixth piece to the Chinese 
30. Go back to the elevator and to the ground floor and then leave the book 
31. Return to the armoury and zoom in on the ‘strange looking ornament’ on the 
    left side of the door
32. Place the plate you found in the scary area in the circle.
33. Enter the armoury and go to the top floor. You’ll now find the forth piece 
    of the Chinese puzzle on the stand
34. Go down the stairs and re-enter the torture room. Find the librarian in the 
    recess and then give him the book you found from the reading room. He’ll 
    gleefully take the book and drop the fifth piece of the Chinese puzzle which 
    you can now collect
35. Leave the armoury and go to the passage on the right hand side of the town 
36. Firstly, combine the screwdriver and cloth to make a simple torch
37. Zoom in on the passage and place the torch in the jutting out hole
38. Next take the lighter and light the torch. When the little people appear, 
    give their leader the coin you found from the well. In return he will give 
    you third piece of the Chinese puzzle
39. Return to the town square and zoom in on the town hall, it’s the building on 
    the left with the huge staircase
40. Enter the town hall and examine the beam above your head. You can then 
    examine and place in the centre of the jumble of beams which will reveal 
    another bird
41. Return to ground level and enter the second office on the right. Look behind 
    the desk to find a safe and then use the key from the sink to open it. Inside 
    you’ll find the seventh piece of the Chinese puzzle
42. Leave this office and then enter the third office on the left. Look up in the 
    right hand corner and then examine the nest you can see. Here you’ll find 
    another bird
43. Leave the office and go to the end of the corridor. Move to the left and follow 
    the stairs down, past the first section of Chinese puzzle stands and to an area 
    between two sets of stairs with a single round window in the wall
44. Look up and then examine the right hand window. Here you’ll find another bird
45. Return to ground level and then move right
46. Click the balcony on the left hand side, near to the wall, and you’ll look around 
    the building to see another bird
47. Go all the way back to the town hall
48. Leave the town hall for now, but stay looking at the staircase to it
49. Click to the left and you’ll see an alleyway leading up. Follow this to the top 
    and the locked door. Use the key you found in the drain to open it.
50. Ignoring the prisoner’s pleas for the moment, look out of the window and examine 
    the tree you can see. There’s a hot spot in the upper left hand side where you 
    can spot a last and final bird
51. Return down the stairs to the bottom of the alleyway and then click and move 
    left again
52. Look behind the wall and you’ll see a stand with buttons running up its length. 
    These change colour as you spot the birds. When they are all coloured in, as they 
    should be now, a golden egg should appear on the top which you can now collect
53. Return to the alleyway and go back to the prisoner’s room. Give the prisoner the 
    golden egg. He doesn’t give you anything in return but at least it makes you feel 
54. Go back to the town hall and go to the end of the corridor
55. Move right and down the stairs to the stands for the Chinese puzzle. Matching the 
    symbols on the stands to the shape of the pieces for the puzzle, put the pieces 
    onto their respective stands and then click the button. The top of the stands should 
    then move in. Do this for the three stands that require this. One of the stands is 
    already done
56. Move back up the stairs and then down to the left and do the same thing with the 
    stands on this side
57. Move down to the right and pull the lever, releasing the mechanical stairs which 
    you can use to escape Daymare Town

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