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  Hints and Tips for: Day of Defeat 
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 Day of Defeat Cheats

Day of Defeat

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Load game with the command line: hl.exe -dev -toconsole.
Then, press ~ if the orange text on the screen does not disappear. 
During gameplay, press ~ to display the text prompt and type in 
sv_cheats 1. Press ~ and enter one of the following console commands 
to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Some codes do not work on all servers. 

Code                    Result
fps_max [number]      - Change framerate
lightgamma [number]   - Change brightness
stopsound             - Disable background sound
bind [key] [command]  - Bind command to key
bind q +hook          - Bind hook to Q

Display ping values:
Start the game server with the -numericping command line parameter.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Steam achievements.

AWOL             : Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps. 
Beachhead        : Capture the final flag to win a round. 
Black Maria      : Get 250 kills with the K98k's Rifle Grenade. 
Bolt Action      : Get 500 kills with the K98k. 
Broomhandler     : Get 150 kills with the C96. 
Capo             : Get 500 kills with the Thompson. 
Carbineer        : Get 150 kills with the M1 Carbine. 
Carpet Bomber    : Get 250 kills with the Garand's Rifle Grenade. 
Combat Engineer  : Defuse 100 enemy bombs. 
Cookin' With Gas : Get 500 kills with the Garand. 
Cutthroat        : Get 150 kills with the Knife. 
Demolition Man   : Plant 100 bombs on enemy objectives. 
Dig For Victory! : Get 150 kills with the Shovel. 
Dogface          : Get 1000 kills as the Rifleman player class. 
Don't Bring a Gun: Win a knife fight. 
Egg Layer        : Get 250 kills with the US Frag Grenade. 
Head Hunter      : Get 1000 kills as the Sniper player class. 
HEATer           : Get 1000 kills as the Rocket player class. 
Iron Cross       : Get 5000 kills as an Axis player. 
Johnnie Gun      : Get 500 kills with the .30 Cal. 
Kilroy Was Here  : Score 8 machinegun kills from a single deployed position.
Knuckleduster    : Get 150 kills with your fists.
Linoleum Ripper  : Get 500 kills with the MG42.
Marksman         : Score 5 consecutive headshots in a single round without dying.
Medal of Honor   : Get 5000 kills as an Allied player. 
Nuts!            : Block 100 Flag Captures. 
Old School       : Get 150 kills with the Colt. 
On the Warpath   : Score 100 Flag Captures. 
Point Man        : Get 1000 kills as the Assault player class. 
Potato Masher    : Get 250 kills with the Stick Grenade. 
Rocket Powered   : Get 500 kills with the Bazooka. 
Roscoe           : Get 150 kills with the P38. 
Squaddie         : Get 1000 kills as the Support player class. 
Tank Terror      : Get 500 kills with the Pschreck. 
The Big Burp     : Get 500 kills with the MP40. 
The Iron Curtain : Get 1000 kills as the Machinegunner player class.
The Producer     : Get 500 kills with the Springfield.
War Hero         : Complete all Achievements. 
Warlord          : Win 100 rounds. 
Wilhelm Tell     : Get 500 kills with the K98 Sniper Rifle.

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