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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Age 
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 Dead Age Cheats

Dead Age

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Save editing to dupe items, increase stats, etc.
To do this you can not be in the game and you will need to go to your 
save game folder which may be different depending on your os but on 
win 7 it should be:

Once you have found the correct folder the save files will be listed in 
order based on what slot its in. So, the save for slot 1 is called 
"Save1.xml2, slot 2 is "Save2.xml", and so on. Open the file you want to 
edit with an xml editor (I use notepad ++ becasue its easier for me but 
windows notepad will work). Now before you start changing things you may 
want to save a copy of the file you opened just in case. Okay, now in the 
xml editor near the top will be the main character with there stats. 
Simply look for "freeSkillpoints" and change the value next to that to 
whatever number you want (example if you want 999999999 skill points 
change it to say < freeSkillpoints >999999999< /freeSkillpoints >) 

Now if you want to give yourself more items you can do that here but its 
a bit tricky since the items have unusual names (you did backup the save 
tho si if you do something that messes up the game you can just replace 
the edited file with the backup to fix it). The names for ammo always 
end in mun so you can just search for that but I will try to add all 
the names for the ammo types I have in my game already below. 

RifleMun = Rifle ammo
ShrotMun = shotgun ammo
PistolMun = pistol ammo

After you find the type of ammo you want you simply change the "Amount" 
for that to be whatever you want (example: 
if you changed it to < Amount >999< / Amount > that would give you 999 
of that ammo and you can probably set it as high as 999999999 but I 
wouldnt go past that).

-=Damage Modification=-
Search for any weapon, look under its stats for < attrib >Attrib_Damage
< /attrib >. Then, change the  for the minimum damage and/or 
"maxValue" for max damage. 
(example < minValue >800< /minValue > < maxValue >1000< /maxValue > 
will give the item a minimum damage of 800 and a maximum of 1000 but 
you can set the numbers higher)

Notes: I dont suggest putting any value over 999999999 at most (some things 
shouldnt even go that high). The problem is the game is only programed to go
so high in terms of numbers and if you pass that limit (which is only a 
little higher then the number mentioned above) it can cause the game to put 
the number into the negatives which is not a good thing. This should only 
be a problem for resources because every other item in the game (ammo, 
weapon parts, etc) will just split into other stacks if you get more. 
Also remember to save the changes you made in the xml editor after you 
are finished and once the changes are saved you open/load your game.

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