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  Hints and Tips for: Dead by Daylight 
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 Dead by Daylight Cheats

Dead by Daylight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to deal with mentally unstable patients:
If the killer chooses treatment mode there will be some or single 
unhealthy mental patient in the group. They will have to go to 3 phases.

1.In this phase patient will panic often and start screaming occasionally, 
  it is just the beginning, ahead there will be more complexities. To cure 
  take the affected patient in an isolated area and hit with a metal pipe 
  on the back.
2.This is the second stage, patient gets paranoid, gets hallucinated and 
  cries uncontrollably.  The patient can see the doctor even if the room 
  is empty. In order to cure you must try bleeding and hydrotherapy and 
  if the patient resist then make them realize it’s for their good.
3.This is the final stage it has got all the symptoms of phase 2. Also 
  the patient refuses to do any mental and physical work. The patient 
  tries to hide in a dark place where no one can find him/her. In order 
  to cure the patient try lobotomy or electroconvulsive therapy as rest 
  all might not be in use.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement              How to unlock
A bite for the Entity  - Sacrifice a total of 100 survivors.
A feast for the Entity - Sacrifice a total of 1000 survivors.
Adept Ace              - Escape with Ace using only his 3 unique perks.
Adept Claudette        - Unlock Claudette's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Dwight           - Unlock Dwight's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Hillbilly        - Unlock the Hillbilly's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Jake             - Unlock Jake's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Laurie           - Escape with Laurie using only her 3 unique perks.
Adept Meg              - Unlock Meg's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Nea              - Escape with Nea using only her 3 unique perks.
Adept Trapper          - Unlock the Trapper's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Adept Wraith           - Unlock the Wraith's 3 perks and teachable perks.
Agonizing escape       - Crawl your way out.
Apt Killer             - Start a match with a full Killer loadout.
Apt Survivor           - Start a match with a full survivor loadout.
Backdoor escape        - Escape the match through the hatch.
The Grind              - With the Hillbilly, chainsaw a total of 100 survivors.
Zealous                - Get more than 8K blood points in one scoring category.

Tips to play the game with the help of the teammates:
* Heal your teammate with your hands and not with your medikit
* Keep the medikit for yourself, it will help you when you are alone and need healing
* Repair the generator together.
* If the killer comes in, then distract the killer and let the other teammate repair 
  the generator.
* Help a teammate trapped in Bear Trap and hook whenever they are caught.
* Do a body block to the killer in order to save your teammate.
* Using your flashlight blind the killer and you can even stun them using a palette 
  in order to free your teammate to from killers hold.
* After your teammate is dead you can pick their dropped items.
* When in a crawling state make sure to go near a hide spot and heal yourself.
* While escaping if a teammate is injured leave him behind, escape as soon as possible.
  Because the killer might fumble on the injured teammate, and you will have a chance 
  to escape. If you try to save the person the killer might catch you.

A list of what you can do as a survivor:
* Walk around the map without producing loud noises by pressing W-A-S-D, neither 
  making indicators appear for the killer.
* Run by holding SHIFT. Running might be really useful against SOME killers, but 
  not all of them. Even if you are running, the killer is still faster than you 
  while walking. While using it, you need to be cautious, it makes your character
  produce heavily breathing noises, and leaves REALLY VISIBLE TRACKS that the 
  killer can follow to find you, making them last 10 seconds(You can't see them).
* Crouch by pressing CTRL, however, it makes your character move slowly. 
  Crouching while near crows doesn't make them fly away and produce noise, so 
  it's a great way to hide from the killer if he's near you.
* Repairing allows you to approach an non-powered generator and mantain Mouse1 
  pressed while it fills an gray-colored bar. Some skill-checks will get randomly 
  triggered while repairing. The repair speed can be bosted by using a toolbox, 
  by having it on with you and pressing Mouse2. 
* Sabotaging allows you to tear down the hooks that killers use to sacrifice 
  survivors. You can sabotage bear traps or hooks that ARE NOT inside the basement 
  by using a toolbox or Jake Park's perk named Saboteur. Sabotage also triggers 
  skill-checks, and in case you miss it, it'll warn the killer just like the generator.
* Wood Pallets are placed randomly on the map(between two props), and can be used to 
  create an obstacle to the killer. When you are near then, you can press SPACE to 
  drop them, producing a loud noise, but if dropped ontop of the killer, it will 
  stun him. However, the pallets that were already used can be destroyed by the 
* Lockers, are places you can hide, spawning next to walls, inside the small house 
  and basement. You can hide in it for 20 seconds before being automatically kicked
  out. Lockers make a loud noise while interacting, and they're not the best option
  to hide if you're in bleeding mode, because you will be moaning really loud. 
* Chests are boxes where you can search and get 1 item from it. Although it might 
  help you, it creates a loud sound while interacting with it. 
* Totems are pieces of skulls that can be cleansed with the objective of getting 
  bloodpoints. However, there is a totem that's on top of a burning candle, which 
  is linked to one of the killer's perks, and when broken, will disable the linked 

How to Play Against Freddy Krueger – Facts & Tips:
Freddy is pretty good killer, but he is not the best and he is not the worst, what 
is key to win? KNOWLEDGE. Here are some tips to beat Freddy Krueger.

* Freddy cannot hit you if you are not in his dream!
* When you are in his dream – Freddy can see you if you are out of his terror radius!
* When you are not in Dream state, always make sure you are out of his melody radius… 
  run out of the radius as soon as you hear the melody. Other than with other Killers 
  running seems to keep you alive much better than stealth tactics.
* When Freddy picks someone up in dream state wake up another person who is because 
  he cannot use his ability when he’s holding someone.
* If you’re being chased by Freddy while in dream state, try to unhook a survivor if 
  possible, because they can typically get a free escape and come back for you later on.
* When you are in dying state – Do not HIDE, just recover, he can still see you.
* It really easy to unhook someone when you are not in his dream, so, you can easy 
  get some BP.
* If you have self care – USE IT it can be very helpful, fail skillcheck when 
  selfhealing and you will wake up!

Basic Anti-Demogorgon Tips:
Written by MangoMaraudrYT

Some simple and basic Anti-Demogorgon tips for surviving the Demogorgon's onslaught.

-=Tips for In-Chase Moments=-
The Demogorgon has 3 main mechanics that help him in chase, his "Interdimensional 
Travel", his "Of the Abyss detection, and his "Shred" attack.

The first, Interdimensional Travel, allows him to move from any placed portal to 
another. Where this helps him in a chase is if you start running from him after he uses 
From The Abyss to find you. You will be under the Oblivious Status Effect, giving him a 
head start on you in chase. If he can't shred you, he may attempt to teleport to a 
portal in your path, which will sound an effect map wide. This means he is either (a): 
Teleporting to someone else who he detected via Of The Abyss or any detection perks, 
or (b): He is teleporting in-front of your predicted path. He will, after teleporting, 
have NO red stain or terror radius. On indoor maps, this is more common, as you can 
easily see him coming on open maps.

The second and third, Of The Abyss and Shred, allows him to charge his Shred attack, 
detect survivors in range of active portals, and lunge forward to attack. Active 
portals are portals you can see, due to him having used them to teleport previously. 
In the event you see the Demogorgon's mouth open, he is charging Of The Abyss. 
As Seen:

In the event you see this, a good tip is to NOT snuggle up close to the Demogorgon 
mid chase. Some Demogorgon players have yet to realize, but he can simply stop 
charging the Of The Abyss ability nearly instantly and go into a basic attack. This 
allows him to very easily get a quick hit and close distance on you. Instead, keep a 
mid to long distance when possible, and make sharp turns. The Demogorgon can't make 
sharp turns in his lunge like the Hillbilly, and the cooldown after missing the attack 
is enough to vault a window or drop a pallet. If he does hit you with the ability, 
DON'T vault. You still get the speed boost from becoming injured when hit with Shred, 
and therefor will lose your speed boost if you vault. This precious distance can be 
the difference between getting to the next loop or going down.

Another thing to keep in mind is that The Killer Shack and T Walls Become mind games 
even with line of sight, similar to nurse and billy. Knowing when to vault the window 
at the killer shack or turn sharply towards the pallet can be the difference in 
dodging his Shred. Smaller loops with a undropped pallet are easier to loop him 
around than some killers, whereas smaller loops with the pallet dropped can be more 
difficult, as the short turns for him allow him to make distance and Shred you 
before you can get away from the pallet to continue looping. If possible, try to 
bait these Shreds in the same way you would bait a normal attack, but make sharper 
turns instead of more sweeping turns.

For the most part, Shred an be used as a catch-up tool to take advantage of your 
mistakes. It's really the equivalent of a Killer's Dead Hard. If you think a dead 
hard would get you to a pallet, it's more than likely The Demogorgon's Shred can 
cover that distance too, and injure you in the process. That's where you try to 
bait the Shred, or use Dead Hard to negate his Shred.

If you successfully bait 1 or 2 Shreds, some Demogorgons will shy away from using 
it to attack you outside of direct line-of-sight loops. But this is dependant on 
the player, not the ability.

For the most part, all you'll need to worry about is his Shred and Basic Attacks, 
and change your playstyle on certain loops in order to avoid his Shred.

If you get away from him, but are injured, stay away from his portals. He can use 
Of The Abyss to see that you're there, and some Demogorgons will instantly proc this 
ability upon losing a chase. If you're confident in your ability to be chased, then
going near active portals can lengthen the amount of time you buy your team by 
baiting his attention.

-=Tips for Out-Of-Chase Moments=-
When you find a active portal, take a moment to identify nearby objects. Are there 
hooks within 8 meters? Is a incomplete generator within detection radius? Is it near 
an exit gate? Once you've determined what's nearby, you have 2 options. Seal the 
portal, or leave it alone. If you need the generator to be completed, you won't want 
him detecting your location with Of The Abyss, or using Interdimensional Travel to 
appear right next to you before you finish the generator. Some add-ons can afflict 
you with Blindness or Exhausted alongside Oblivious., and therefor warrant sealing.

However, if the portal is near a hook in a random corner of the map, or a completed 
generator, DON'T seal it. The Demogorgon cannot pick up is portals, nor can he recycle 
them by placing a new one. Once it's down, the only way he can get it back is if YOU 
seal it. Therefor, by not sealing it, you've essentially taken away a charge of his 
power. By default, the Demogorgon can place 6 portals, and at maximum he can place 8 
total portals. The more portal you leave alone in useless positions, the less 
detection and map pressure the Demogorgon has. Sealing a portal also gives the killer 
a notification of your location. There are also times when you need to get the 
generator done and can't afford to waste time sealing the portal. Most of the time, 
knowing when to close a portal near a generator is a gamble mixed with game knowledge.

Otherwise, you will almost always know if the Demogorgon is chasing someone. When 
the Demogorgon does almost any action, he makes a loud screeching sound heard map 
wide. If you hear that screech, it's most likely safe to assume he's chasing someone 
and therefor not a threat to you at that exact moment.

If you hear a loud whooshing sound from anywhere in the map, the Demogorgon is 
teleporting. He will come out with no terror radius and no red stain. A good way to 
know if he's actually teleporting near you, however, is if you see a portal nearby 
open up, or if you hear the squelching sound of the portal opening. If the portal 
is behind a wall and you can't see it open, you will still HEAR it open. As I said 
before, you can hear the squelching of the portal from a decent distance, and unless 
you're injured and the Demogorgon has the injured aura's add-on you'll have time to 
hide or GTFO to the nearest loop.

If the Demogorgon is charging his Interdimensional Travel, he looks straight down 
with very little peripheral vision, giving you ample opportunity to gain distance 
towards an objective without him noticing. After he fully charges Interdimensional 
Travel and enters the portal, he cannot cancel it and has a long cooldown he must 
wait out before he can teleport again. This point is when you want to save someone 
off the hook, reattach yourself to the generator, or close the portal.

Lastly, during the endgame, if you see a portal near the exit gate, it's active and 
he'll know you're opening the gate. This can be game-over if he closes the hatch and 
you have to open a gate. If possible, when you're the last person and can't find the 
hatch or don't want to find the hatch, close a portal near an exit gate if it's 
active. The Demogorgon will either come to find you for closing the portal, or 
continue to look for the hatch. If he comes for you, you have time to run to the 
hatch. If he doesn't, you can gamble to get the exit gate open after waiting for 
him to close the hatch. As said before, if there is an active portal near both exit 
gates, it's essentially game over.

I'm no expert survivor, I mainly play killer, but I've seen so many survivors make 
these mistakes playing against me. I've faced some survivors that only close my 
portals and stay at the Killer Shack, essentially handing me the match on a silver 
platter. On the other hand, I've faced others that know when to close a portal, or 
bait a Shred.

In my honest opinion, the Demogorgon is a bit freaky but not really that powerful. 
If you can loop decently, most Demogorgons will be a pushover in the start of the 

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