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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Cells 
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 Dead Cells Cheats

Dead Cells

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

When you get hit, you may notice that a portion of your health bar turns 
orange and steadily drains. This health is recoverable, and you recover 
it by attacking enemies. If you get hit and don't expect to immediately 
get hit again, try counterattacking (or attacking some other nearby enemy)
to preserve your precious health. In particularly hectic situations, 
though, you'll probably save more health by just rolling away than you 
would by trying to recover it by attacking.

Lightning Bolt:
* Location: 
  It is been dropped by Inquisitor In the Ramparts and the Graveyard.
* What it Does: 
  It has continuous casting ability with a Heavy Damage, but you will 
  have to be careful of too much power as it can also destroy you.
* Stats: 
  Damage – 108
 Improved Damage – 173
  Added damage on weapon level-up – 10.8(17.3)

How to Perform Speed Run?:
For the start and a easy method to have a slight more speed all you got 
to do is roll, this will surely give you more speed rather than regular 
walk or run. And if you have an Assault Shield, which takes you ahead 
while protecting you, is also a good method. You can use it along with
the roll, it will add more to the speed.

Now let’s come to the main motto of this guide, the process to perform 
Speed Run. You will need to keep some points in your head:
* Firstly you will need an Assault Shield. 
* When You Jump, Press Roll and then press the Shield button. 
* So all you got to do is Roll + Shield as fast as you can while in air. 
  And there you are on a running-spree.

How to fix Antivirus false positive locking files:
This error Opens and Closes a Black Dialogue Box, and Dead Cells won't 
start. In some case, you might also receive a message such as: File 
Locked. According to the details shared by developer, the main cause 
of this issue is ANTIVIRUS. Not to worry too much about this error as 
it is pretty common with Indie Games, and especially in games which 
are available in Early Access. In order to fix it all you need to do 
is Add the Dead Cells Folder in your Steamapps directory to your 
Antivirus' white-list/Exclusion List. 

How to fix PS4 controller issue (Wireless Connection):
This issue usually takes place when, the controller has got some 
wireless connectivity problems. Try using the controller in the wired 
format by simply plugging it in. Dead Cells supports the PS4 controller
natively i.e. it would works as simple Plug-n-play. Secondly, the 
controller works on steam easily without installing any extra software.
So uninstall any other software that you have installed. If you are 
still facing the problem the try restarting your PC.  If nothing works 
then try contacting developers via the official site of the game and 
provide them your PC specs details. They will look into and provide 
you a solution as soon as possible.
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