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 Dead Effect Cheats

Dead Effect

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Cargo Bay - I Don't Like Healing" achievement:
To get the "Cargo Bay - I Don't Like Healing" achievement, you must 
dodge the grenades and disable auto-heal 
(if it was previously activated).

Easy "Inner Net - Specialist" achievement:
The stungun and grenades will count as a weapon, and must be avoided.
Use your main weapon instead of using the secondary one because of 
the mini-boss at the end of the level.

Easy "Nucleus - Living Legend" achievement:
Start the map with the number of waves set to four. The first three 
waves are easy with the stungun. Use your automatic rifle to kill 
the mini-boss.

Tips and Tricks:
*The character you choose is dependent upon two things: the type of 
 weapons you wish to start the game with, and whether you prefer male 
 or female. Gunnar Davis kicks off the campaign with a TAR-XR12 Assault
 Rifle and STIG-P320 Pistol, while counterpart Jane Frey slaughters 
 zombies with a Velvet-23R Shotgun and W&W E81 Revolver. Both characters
 have access to bullet time, and you can purchase the other's weapons 
 once you have enough credits.
*Turn around once and a while. Zombies will often sneak up from behind.
*A headshot results in an instant kill on most zombie types, so be sure 
 to aim down the sights and target those suckers.
*Always search for a medical pod. Stay inside until health is fully 
*Always spend credits to purchase new weapons and make upgrades between
 missions. This includes boosting a weapon's Damage, Magazine size, 
 Reload Time and Accuracy. You can also pick up more ammo.
*When you come across lockers, pick the locks by rapidly tapping the 
 touchscreen. You'll often find valuable credits or ammo.
* Keep in mind both bullet time and the shock weapon recharge after use
*Complete hacking mini-games to earn credits. Match the highlighted 
 symbol(s) before time runs out. Pay very close attention to the symbols.
 The developers will attempt to trick you with subtle differences.
 It pays to play with the volume up. You'll often hear zombies before 
 seeing them.

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