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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Island: Definitive Edition 
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 Dead Island: Definitive Edition Cheats

Dead Island: Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting kills without dulling your weapon:
Killing zombies takes a toll on your weapon. However when it is on its last legs it is not 
completely useless. Throwing your weapons can damage enemies without dulling the weapon. 
If you have a weapon worth keeping, but it is almost used up, keep throwing it at zombies 
until you can repair it again.

Easy money:
Use the following trick if you want to modify, repair, or create a weapon but are short on 
money. If the craft table is inside of a store, search the cash register. Occasionally you 
can find a couple hundred dollars.

When you reach the city of Moresby and have access to the warehouse, there are four weapons 
located inside, the wrench, baseball bat, hammer, and knife. Selling those four items at the
church will generate approximately between $400 to $2,000 per trip. Repeat the process as 
many times as desired.

Easy experience:
Reach Ope's Cave in Act 3, then use the "Duplicate Weapons" glitch to copy your most 
valuable weapon. Sell the weapons to a vendor to get a lot of money, then buy Oleander from 
a vendor if it is available. Taking as much Oleander as you can buy, fast travel back to 
Ope's Cave and turn it in to the tribesman that give you the Continuous Event "Dreamtime".
Each time you turn in five Oleander Blossoms, you will receive $1 and 1,000 experience 
points. Repeat this as many times as desired. 

Easy "Military-Industrial Complex" challenge:
While doing the "Bitter Return" mission there is a mounted machine gun on the balcony of 
city hall. Mount the machine gun and fire away. Every bullet fired counts towards the 
"Military-Industrial Complex" challenge. Keep shooting and you will complete all four levels.

Killing large groups of zombies:
When you encounter large groups of zombies or have ran and have a lot of them following, 
use the following trick to deal with them. Look for a nearby vehicle and sprint to it. 
Jump on top of it and crouch on the hood. While there you can still hit the zombies. 
Note: Do not do this on the roof of the vehicle; you will not be able to hit them, and they
can still hit you rarely. Note: Use the analog style of fighting to do more decapitations 
and swing your weapon faster.

Hidden provocative photographs:
In Act 2, enter the mayor's office in City Hall before it gets attacked by zombies. Knock 
down the painting on the very back wall in the room behind the desk. You will find three 
photos of a semi-nude blonde woman. 

Chrome2 reference:
Play the "Born To Be Wild" quest. Enter the hotel and talk to Mike Davies. Then, move to
the next room with the workbench. Enter the next room with a computer to reboot. Look at
the wall to the side of the desk with the fan on it, to see a Chrome 2 poster. 

Killing humans:
This trick works best if you play as Logan. Humans can use weapons, and so can you. However
when it comes down to a gunfight you are both evenly matched. A good way to kill humans with
little effort is to throw modded weapons. However, there are a few exceptions. The weapon 
Must be a sharp weapon. Blunt weapons only damage them slightly. The military machete works
best. The weapon must have either a Poison mod or a Shock mod. Fire will not do anything. 
Make sure you upgrade the weapon to at least level 3. You may want to mod a powerful weapon
because it will have minimal affect against stronger humans. Keep your distance when throwing,
and have plenty of ammunition. This is one reason why Logan is better for this, because thrown
objects can come back to him. However, if you have a clear view of the target, throw the 
weapon and they will die instantly.

Easy champagne:
In the Slums there is an abandoned building at the bottom of the map. Once cleared out, you 
will be able to quick travel to there. In the back of the building are two rooms. Each has 
a fridge that may contain a bottle of champagne. If not, quick travel to another area then 
quick travel back as many times as desired.

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