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 Deadliest Catch - Alaskan Storm Cheats

Deadliest Catch - Alaskan Storm

Submitted  by: abnau

Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable                  How to unlock
Crab Boat Captain (15)    - Unlock Season Mode.
Bering Sea Veteran (15)   - Complete a King Season.
Experienced Crabber (45)  - Complete 3 King Seasons in a single career.
Man of the Sea (75)       - Complete 5 King Seasons in a single career.
Strung Along (15)         - Drop 50 pots in a Season.
Money in a Cage (15)      - Bring up a full pot of Crab.
Big Money (75)            - Sell a Total of $1,000,000 in Crab.
All Decked Out (75)       - Fully Upgrade a Boat.
Mr. Popular (75)          - Earned by using each Fisherman.
Victor Delta (45)         - Complete a Season with all Crew members having
                            very High Morale.
Harsh Reminder (75)       - Spot a Shipwreck.
Cetacean Location (15)    - Spot a Whale.
Piece of the Pie (75)     - Complete a Multiplayer Game with the Maximum 
                            Number of Boats.
Speed Junkie (55)         - Win a Gold Medal in all Harbor Dash Missions.
Two if by Sea (75)        - Beat the High Seas Rush Mission in under 2 Minutes.
Helping Hand (45)         - Rescue another Ship at Sea.
Perfect Positioning (75)  - Finish a Crowded Harbor Mission without any Collisions.
Semper Paratus (45)       - Beat all Coast Guard Missions.
Jack of all Trades (75)   - Beat all Missions.
Northwestern Scholar (15) - View all Videos in the Virtual Tour.

Ships and captains:
The following ships and captains are available.

Captain Sig Hansen 
125 Feet Long 
200 Pot Maximum Load Out 
220,000 lbs. of Crab Carrying Capacity 

-=Sea Star=-
Captain Larry Hendricks 
108 Feet Long 
150 Pot Maximum Load Out 
175,000 lbs. of Crab Carrying Capacity 

-=Cornelia Marie=-
Captain Phil Harris 
153 Feet Long 
200 Pot Maximum Load Out 
220,000 lbs. of Crab Carrying Capacity 

-=Bering Star=-
Captain Karl Johan Hansen 
108 Feet Long 
150 Pot Maximum Load Out 
175,000 lbs. of Crab Carrying Capacity 

Captain Gunnleiv Loklingholm 
99 Feet Long 
150 Pot Maximum Load Out 
170,000 lbs. of Crab Carrying Capacity

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