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  Hints and Tips for: Deadly Dozen 
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 Deadly Dozen Cheats

Deadly Dozen

Cheat Codes:
1.Run game -> New/Load game 
2.In game hit "Pause" key (on keyboard), it jump to "Mission Objectives" screen.
  (without grey buttons on top)
3.You can write: 

Code              Result
cheatcheat      - Enable Cheats
losemission     - Lose Mission
winmission      - Win Mission
hitlermode      - Hitler Mode On/Off
invis           - Invisible Mode On
fly             - Fly Mode On/Off
ammo            - Unlimited Ammo On/Off
godmode         - God Mode On·Off
ac919           - God Mode + Unlimited Ammo + Fly Mode On
ec919           - Enemy View
noint919        - Status Bars Visible On/Off
stats           - Show FPS, Polygons, Sound.. On/Off
fovs919         - Rendering Enemy Fovs On/Off
pathdraw919     - Rendering Paths On/Off
wpdraw919       - Rendering Waypoints On/Off
wpcondraw919    - Rendering Waypoints Connections On/Off

Use a text editor to edit one of the vehicle configuration file named "*.cfg" in
the "\Infogrames Interactive\Deadly Dozen\GameData\Vehicles" folder. Look for 
"body_armor", and set it to 9900.0 (this may create some smoke effects, but it 
is not a problem). Look for "troop_protection" valueand set it to "300.00" 
(default is 90.0). Begin the game, use that vehicle, and drive around, Let enemy
soldiers shoot at you. That driver's health will increase when getting hit, over
100. If it gets to over 500 or more, some enemies will not be able to detect you,
even if you get close. You can also drive around and crash into enemies. 

Unlimited Medipack:
When you encounter German fortifications with Medipacks scattered on the ground
or on tables, get that Medipack, use it (it will be the last pack in your 
inventory), and look towards the exact position of the Medipack you just used.
You will not see another Medipack, but if you use your "Pick Up" command (Right
Mouse Button is default), you will pick up another Medipack. You can do this 
indefinitely, as long as you used the previous pack. It is possible to heal 
your entire squad using one Medipack. Also, you can drop Medipacks, pick them
up, and use this same strategy.

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