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  Hints and Tips for: DeadPoly 
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 DeadPoly Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Survival Tips:
Written by Spector[APOHB]

I have noticed no one made a guide for this game even tho game itself 
is pretty simple. So I decided to make a survival guide for it. 
Hope you all like it.

-=Rule 1 Ė Day Cycle=-
Before starting about tips to survival letís look at the Day-Night 
Cycle Developer shared before;

So in game 24 hour = 1 hour. Itís all works like this some of the other 
players split the an hour like this

10 minutes sunrise
30 minutes of day time
10 minutes dust time
5 minutes pitch darkness
5 minutes night time

So far it checks out right in game. So until developer decides to change it. 
This will be our clock.

-=Rule 2 Ė Looting=-
What I like about this game is itís looting style. I mean like in other games 
such as Escape From Tarkov you can store 2-3 more backpacks or crates in your 
bigger backpack. As long as you maintain the weight of it.

-=Rule 3 Ė Finding a Safe House=-
If you are playing in singleplayer itís up to you to where you wanna build as 
long as you reinforce with doors and window barricades.

But in multiplayer things gets changed.

So As much as I know we canít build our own homes like Minecraft or Unturned. 
So we will have to occupy city buildings, trailers, shop etc. My suggestion 
would be occupying an apartment cause it will be hard to raid for other people 
imagine having to destroy door after door, barricade after barricade.

-=Rule 4 Ė Hotbars-Quick Keys=-
There are like 4-7 hotbars in game

1-for your primary.
2-for secondary items.
3-I usually prefer for medical supplies.
4-is either for food or water or energy.

-=Tip Ė Refreshing=-
Most of the items in game despawns after day cycle so make sure you donít leave 
your items in ground.

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