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  Hints and Tips for: Deadwater Saloon 
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 Deadwater Saloon Cheats

Deadwater Saloon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
When the game begins you only have limited time so when starting out provide 
the basics (bar stove piano). These are what will unlock the tech tree so 
you can research food and drinks. always pay attention to what you are 
researching.their will be new tech trees that will open up when a new resource 
becomes available.

When a new business comes to town it may offer a new resource. For instance 
the opium den. This will provide a commodity you can sell with your food and 
drinks. Now if you want to make money you will need to pay attention to the
 research trees. When the hardware-store comes around you will see that it 
sells whiskey but this a raw resource and wont do you any good unless you also 
look up a recipe in the corresponding tech tree. This is the same with food. 
When a butcher comes to town he will sell high grade meat that you can learn 
the recipes and create a more expensive product.

Relationships are the most important aspect of this game! the people that you 
buy your raw resources from aka trapper or opium den will give you better 
prices if they like you! which then gives you more room to profit. also if 
you manage to get your relationships to 100 with any business owner you may 
buy the business from them at the cheapest amount they will offer. this is 
good because the business will give you passive income as well as a profit 
if you want to sell the business. But remember if you own the business you 
now have the raw resources for your saloon at the lowest price you can get. 
maximizing profits across the board.

Workers are very important make sure you buy a safe! with a saloon you will 
also be managing other characters (but not really they just do their jobs and 
grow. you just watch).

If you want to make money gambling you will need a croupiers with every poker 
table or roulette table. Servers are used to run orders to customers giving 
you a better food rating and making it easier to profit off food. you will 
also need a cook, they prepare the meals. you can also hire “working girls” 
which is very profitable because its a good passive income that only needs 
to be matched to a brothel bed. now if everything’s in order and working well 
you should be making money so you will need to protect your saloon with 
bouncers. they will make sure fights don’t break out (this causes all 
customers to leave for the day. huge problem) so try and keep you bouncers 
armed by buying weapons from other businesses and equipping them through your 
staff bar. its at the very bottom you will see equip and give them the guns! 
also dont forget the piano doesnt play itself, hire a guy, I usually go pretty 

Last bit of advice when your building your character you can decrease your 
health to get more attributes to make your character better. the top three 
most important traits I believe in my opinion are mixology gambling and 
litigiousness. but this is only for how i wanna play the game. I want easier 
townspeople interactions mixology helps with this. but then gambling has an 
option where once somebody likes you enough you can “entice” them and they 
become an addict for one of your goods. then since im making money I wanna 
buy businesses and get passive income and a large sell off so that’s when 
litigiousness comes into play by reducing the cost of the business. using 
these three aspects together i am able to run a very profitable saloon.

Save File Location:
Where are the Deadwater Saloon save game files located? 
You may find your Deadwater Saloon saves in this folders:

X:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\LocalLow\Creative Storm\Deadwater Saloon\SavedGames
Note: You might need to make sure hidden folders is disabled.

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