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  Hints and Tips for: Death Stranding Director's Cut 
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 Death Stranding Director's Cut Cheats

Death Stranding Director's Cut

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

15 Quick Tips to Become a Legend:
Written by The | Suit

These are Quick Tips for those players that don’t want to read through 
a huge guide.

-=Quick Tips=-
1. Cryptobiotes stack to 999

There is no reason to save these mounds for later, you can gather upto 
999 for later use in your inventory. So anytime you are walking around 
hold “F” to gather multiple at once. Then you can eat them when you need 
to fill a blood bag or your HP is low through your 4th menu.

2. Cargo Handling Rank and Container Damage Matters

While you may think your “Courier” grade is for show – doing Premium 
delieveries and getting little to no damage affects your Cargo Handling 
Rank. Which in turn increases your stability when carrying cargo. 
So by performing well you also get buffs to passive traits!

3. Trikes can Ride Ladders

While it may seem crazy – you can use ladders as ramps and bridges for bikes.
Though the maximum angle is roughly around 45 degrees, you can still use 
ladders quite creatively to help make traveling to areas normally you wouldn’t 
be able to much easier.

4. Parry Cord Take Downs

While you can use your cord to do mule takedowns in Stealth. You can also do 
Takedowns in combat anytime the mule’s back is facing you.

This also allows an advanced parry takedown move- the second you parry turn 
around and perform a takedown instead of punching. *Important Note* while 
takedown animation is happening enemies can still move around meaning if 
there are other enemies nearby you are likely going to take damage right 
after the parry takedown animation finishes.

5. Deconstruct other players bad Structures

There are a lot of poorly placed player structures such as bridges between 
two rocks that actually blocks both paths. Deconstruct them from your world 
so you have higher chance of getting a player item that knows what they are 

6. There is no harm in giving more than one Like

You can actually give multiple likes at once by bashing 5 until the white bar 
runs out. There is no limit how many likes you can give per day only limit to 
how many likes you can give per structure.

7. You can get Chiral and Custom Equipment multiple times!

Chiral and Custom Equipment are unique rewards by Preppers after you achived 
at least 3 star rank. Custom Equipment include things like Custom Hemo-Grenades, 
Light Weight Ceramics, or High Density Special Alloy etc.

After achieving 5 stars with them, after a few deliveries more you can get more 
of the unique item provided by that individual! So don’t stop deliveries when 
you hit 5 stars!

8. Snow Zip Lines

Setting up a Snow Zipline Network takes time but saves so much time. Becareful 
where you place it as when you land you may fall off , but you do it right you 
can zip across mountain tops to deep snow locations in no time. (Also great for 
crossing giant gaps in terrain).

9. Scanner Cancelling and the 2 second rule

Once you reached the Timefall Farm you will unlock the Scanner Cancel Ping Upgrade. 
To do this properly first cross into mule territory the first ping will happen. 
Count 2s then use your ping. This will cancel the “location” ping preventing Mules 
from knowing you crossed into their territory.

10. Lethal Weapons are not meant for Main Area

If you kill someone using Lethal Weapons you have to dispose of the body in an 
incinerator. Which isn’t worth it. Lethal Weapons are actually meant for specific 
“Massive Storm” events which the game tells you about in advance. So if you hear 
an NPC talk about a “Massive Storm” change your gear to lethal. Otherwise stick 
to non Lethal weapons.

11. When you use Bolas kick the enemy unconscious

Many times when you use a Bola on an enemy they will remain conscious and break 
out. After you hooked them walk upto them and kick them to knock them unconscious. 
Note they can still be woken up by another mule.

12. Always carry 2 PCC when using vehicles

You never end up wanting to be in a situation where you are carrying a ton of 
cargo in your Truck only to run out of battery in the middle of no where. 
Having 2 PCC will give a wide safety net to save you from a bad situation.

13. Keep an eye on Equipment Durability

Common mistake new players make is to think only Cargo is affected by Timefall. 
Even equipment like Skeletons, Boots, PCC, Ladders, etc are affected by time 
fall also unlike Cargo repair spray won’t fix it. So anytime you drop back at 
base mouse over your equipment to see how much damage they have taken to replace it.

14. Use Ex 2 grenades for Farming Chiral

You get Ex 1 and 2 grenades by Drinking and Eating. Drinking is easy as you can 
always drink the Stamina drinks in your Private room. While Ex 2 requires you to 
eat Cryptobiotes which eventually appear in your private room. The more you eat 
and drink the more grenades you get.

Use Ex 2 grenades by throwing them on the ground near a group of Bts. This will
 bring all the BTs to one center area and you can throw a Custom Hemo-Grenade or 
2 Normal Grenades to kill the whole group.

Custom Hemo-Grenades from Craftsmen are better because they “Spread” in a much 
larger AoE. as well as do a ton more damage.

15. Blood Areas are “Weak points” on Tar Monsters

When you throw a blood grenade you will create a Red Zone on the monster. 
These become “Weakpoints” for projectile weapons. 
Hit those points for bonus damage!

Farming Materials Tips:
Written by Kalium.

Chiral Crystals: return to the prologue map in Capital Knot City and farm chiral 
crystals with the BTs, because they are weaker and easier to deal with and this is 
the only type of material that remains with you after passing through Port Knot 
City to Lake Knot City. But.. another way to deal with it can be killing gas bags, 
it’s easier to deal with them, but the amount of chiral crystals will be much less 
than defeating a BT. You can find them at northwest craftsman and going southwest 
from Incinerator west of Lake Knot City;

MULA Territory: It’s interesting to shoot some mules with bola gun (trust me, at 
some point in the game you’ll wish a lot to have had this practice before , but to 
save time, a good option is from the moment you have a bola or maser gun, take two 
and go for them. Tie and knock out each of the mules to safely loot your fields, 
in addition to taking the drops that they carry with them. Another tip, put a Post 
Box near their territory so you can store the material there whenever possible, 
so it’s easier for you to pick it up with a vehicle, instead of in the middle of 
the mess. Other thing you could do is just.. kill them, but in that case you’ll 
spend more time to take them to the closest incinerator you have, otherwise a 
void out will come;

Distribution Centers, Cities, Waystations and Preppers: Make the deliveries to 
level up the connection with them (5 stars). Each level you receive an extra 
amount of materials, as well as increasing the maximum storage capacity of the 
place. In addition, repeated material delivery quests also increase the amount 
stored in the recipient;

Recycle: if you are on foot making deliveries and you still have the capacity 
to put more cargo, take whatever you can find from deliveries that can no longer 
be delivered because they have been spoiled. Upon arriving at your destination, 
recycle everything that cannot be returned and them obtain more materials;
Preppers: Some preppers, after a certain level of intimacy you have with them, 
start to provide you, as a gratitude, with each mission accomplished, supplies 
(Only S Rank evaluation). One of the most important is from Spiritualist, which 
will give you chemicals (important for leveling ziplines, for example).

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