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 Death to Spies Cheats

Death to Spies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

To add these codes, enable the console by adding -console to your shortcut before starting 
the game... for example: C:\Program Files\Nobilis\Death to Spies\Death to Spies.exe" -console

Thereafter, press the ` key to bring up the console. Type in the following for the desired 
result (quotes included, when applicable).

Code                 Result
Cheat "silence"    - Enables silent movement 
Cheat "camouflage" - Appear disguised from the enemy 
Cheat "invisible"  - Guards can't see you 
Cheat "disable ai" - Disables AI 
setv cl_superman 1 - God Mode 
setv cl_superman 0 - Disable God Mode 
setv c_noammo 1    - Infinite ammo 
OpenLevels         - Access all levels 
PL_SavePos         - Save your game 
PL_RestorePos      - Load your game

L_CreateItem - Creates an item (list below) 
Example: L_CreateItem

weapon.Walter        - Walter 
weapon.Mp40          - MP40 
weapon.K98           - K98 
weapon.Luger         - Luger 
weapon.Gewehr        - Gewehr 
weapon.K98Sniper     - K98 Sniper Rifle 
weapon.DeLisle       - DeLisle 
weapon.StenSilencer  - Sten Silencer 
weapon.MosinSniper   - Mosin Sniper 
weapon.MosinSilencer - Mosin Silencer 
weapon.MosinCamo     - Mosin Camo 
weapon.Svt           - SVT 
weapon.Mosin         - Mosin 
weapon.Ppsh          - PPSH 
weapon.TT            - TT 
weapon.SvtSniper     - Svt. Sniper 
weapon.Pps           - PPS 
weapon.NaganSilencer - Nagan Silencer 
weapon.Nagan         - Nagan 
weapon.Sten          - Sten 
weapon.EnfieldSniper - Enfield Sniper Rifle 
weapon.Enfield       - Enfield 
weapon.Colt          - Colt 
weapon.Thompson      - Thompson 
weapon.Garand        - Garand 
weapon.M1Carbine     - M1 Carbine 
weapon.M1903         - M1903 
weapon.M1903Sniper   - M1903 Sniper Rifle 
weapon.GermanStick   - Stick Grenade 
weapon.Rgd33         - RGD33 Grenade 
weapon.F1            - F1 Grenade 
weapon.Smoke         - Smoke Grenade 
weapon.Dynamite      - Dynamite 
weapon.Pmk40         - PMK40 
weapon.Pmd6          - PMD6 
weapon.Knife         - Knife 
weapon.FiberWire     - Fiber Wire 
weapon.Chloroform    - Chloroform 

Equipment.Binocular            - Binoculars 
Equipment.Foto                 - Foto 
Equipment.Wirecut              - Wirecutters 
Equipment.Lockpick             - Lockpicks 
Equipment.Custom               - Custom 
Equipment.Medikit              - Medikit 
Equipment.Wear:Player          - Standard Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanSoldier   - Nazi Officer Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanOfficer   - Nazi Officer Gear II 
Equipment.Wear:Summer          - Summer Gear 
Equipment.Wear:Soviet          - Soviet Gear 
Equipment.Wear:RasplataDed     - Rasplata Gear 
Equipment.Wear:Scientist       - Scientist Gear 
Equipment.Wear:AmericanOfficer - American Officer Gear 
Equipment.Wear:Jacket - Jacket 
Equipment.Wear:Suitman - Suit 
Equipment.Wear:GermanYellow - German Yellow Outfit 
Equipment.Wear:EmbassyMan - Embassy Outfit 
Equipment.Wear:EmbassyManSoldier - Embassy Soldier Outfit 
Equipment.Wear:SovietSoldier - Soviet Soldier Gear 
Equipment.Wear:SovietOfficer - Soviet Officer Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterSoldier - Nazi Winter Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterSoldier2 - Nazi Winter Gear II 
Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterOfficer - Nazi Officer Winter Gear 
Equipment.Wear:PosilkaElder - Posilka Elder Gear 
Equipment.Wear:Winter - Winter Gear 
Equipment.Wear:EmbassyAgent_1 - Embassy Agent Gear 
Equipment.Wear:EmbassyAgent_2 - Embassy Agent Gear II 
Equipment.Wear:HotelGuard - Hotel Guard Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanGrey - German Grey Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanDoctor - German Doctor Gear 
Equipment.Wear:HotelManager - Hotel Manager Gear 
Equipment.Wear:HotelWaiter - Hotel Waiter Gear 
Equipment.Wear:HotelMan01 - Hotel Patron Gear 
Equipment.Wear:BritishCook - British Cook Gear 
Equipment.Wear:BritishSoldier - British Soldier Gear 
Equipment.Wear:GermanCook - Nazi Cook Gear 
Equipment.Throw:Papers - Papers 
Equipment.Throw:OutofOrder - Out of Order Sign 
Equipment.Throw:Knife - Knife 
Equipment.Throw:Krujka - Krujka 
Equipment.Throw:VBottle - Vodka Bottle 
Equipment.Throw:Krujka2 - Krujka II 
Equipment.Throw:Grafin - Grafin 
Equipment.Throw:Korchik - Korchik 
Equipment.Throw:Lojka1 - Loljka 
Equipment.Throw:Lojka2 - Loljka II 
Equipment.Throw:Lojka3 - Loljka III 
Equipment.Throw:Bakal - Bakal 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka - Tarelka 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka2 - Tarelka II 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka3 - Tarelka III 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka4 - Tarelka IV 
Equipment.Throw:Lojka4 - Lojka IV 
Equipment.Throw:Vilka - Vilka 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka5 - Tarelka V 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka6 - Tarelka VI 
Equipment.Throw:Tarelka7 - Tarelka VII 
Equipment.Throw:Stakan - Stakan 
Equipment.Throw:Sovok - Sovok 
Equipment.Throw:Molotok - Molotov Cocktail 
Equipment.Throw:GKluch - Gkluch 
Equipment.Throw:Otvertka - Otvertka

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