Death Watch Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Death Watch 
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 Death Watch Cheats

Death Watch

Cheat Codes:

CHARACTER:          #1      #2      #3      #4
STRENGTH:           1F884   1FB1E   1FDB8   20052
INTELLEGENCE:       1F886   1FB20   1FDBA   20054
DEXTERITY:          1F888   1FB22   1FDBC   20056
CONSTITUTION:       1F88A   1FB24   1FDBE   20058
ARMOR CLASS:        1F88C   1FB26   1FDC0   2005A
CURRENT LIFE:       1F88E   1FB28   1FDC2   2005C
MAXIMUM LIFE:       1F890   1FB2A   1FDC4   2005E
CURRENT SPELL:      1F892   1FB2C   1FDC6   20060
MAXIMUM SPELL:      1F894   1FB2E   1FDC8   20062
LEVEL:              1F896   1FB30   1FDCA   20064
PHYSICAL RES:       1F898   1FB32   1FDCC   20066
MAGICAL RES:        1F89A   1FB34   1FDCE   20068
BONUS TO HIT:       1F89C   1DB36   1FDD0   2006A
BONUS DAMAGE:       1F89E   1FB38   1FDD2   2006C
EXPERIENCE:         1F8A0   1FB3A   1FDD4   2006E
DRACOS:             1F8A4   1FB3E   1FDD8   20072

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