Deer Hunter 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Deer Hunter 2 
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 Deer Hunter 2 Cheats

Deer Hunter 2

Cheat Codes:
Update: Pangeran AKbarsyah
Update by: cameron

To enter these codes, press F2 then type one of the following:

Code                Result
dh2tracker        - Shows the deer on the map and GPS.
dh2shoot          - Puts you in shooting range of nearest deer.
dh2deadeye        - ArrowCam! Follows your shot to the target.
dh2honey          - Attracts deer to your location.
dh2circle         - Attaches you to a deer 
dh2sightin        - Sights-in your weapon without Target Range.
dh2wright         - Fly mode, 'nuff said.
dh2doolittle      - You will not spook animals.
dh2flash          - Makes you run very fast.
dh2supaflash      - Makes you run very fast like the Bionic Man.
dh2thunder        - Makes it thunder.
dh2light          - Makes it lightning.
dh2rain           - Makes it rain.
dh2snow           - Makes it snow.
dh2blizzard       - Cycles weather more quickly.
dh2deerzilla      - Giant deer. 
dh2friday13       - More blood 
dh2bandolier      - Never have to reload
dh2swig           - Keeps gun from wobbling
dh2shoedeal       - Hunter never runs out of breath
dh2baddream       - Bullets are very slow
dh2eating         - it makes you eat whille you hunt

Change Camera:
To enter these codes, press F2 then type one of the following:

camera set deer1  -- Deer cam. Change the number for different deer.
camera set fox1   -- Fox cam. Change the number for different foxes.
camera set crow1  -- Crow cam. Change the number for different deer.
camera set player -- returns you to normal view 
dh2bulletcam      -- For bullet weapons. View follows bullet. 

Bigfoot is actually in this game. If you hear a lion-type roar, then Bigfoot 
is somewhere in the area. The dh2supatracker code might help.

No reloads:
Select the REM 16. Click your location, press the Right Mouse Button, then 
click and hold the Left Mouse Button on the hunt sign. Hold the Left Mouse 
Button until game play begins.

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