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  Hints and Tips for: Deflector 
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 Deflector Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock Every Character:
Written by suspicious dog

Here is a simple guide to unlock every character.

-=Slasher (Sword Guy)=-
The Slasher is the most straightforward character to unlock. 
Simply defeat all zone bosses in a specific order in a single run.

* Magnetic -> Toxic -> Entrails

* You’ll find a little sword-wielding creature when you reach the boss of 
  Magnetic Fields. It’ll give you an “invitation” to their next fight with 
  a shell.
* They’ll be waiting at the boss of Toxic sea, and they’ll grant you another 
  invitation once you finish that boss, this time to Living Entrails.
* Once again, you’ll find them at the boss of the zone. Beat the Entrails 
  boss, and it’ll give you the sword, unlocking the character.

The Spark is the most difficult of the characters to unlock, depending on 
your egg RNG.

To unlock the spark, you must:

* Make your way to Living Entrails and free the prisoner in the arena. On 
the map, it’ll look like a bunch of bone cages on a quest marker node. This 
will require you to fight two tutorial bosses at once. Beat the zone, and 
return to the hub.

* Go to Toxic Sea and grab the egg at the start. This is the hard part, don’t 
get hit. Any hit you take has a chance to break the egg, ruining your run and 
forcing you to start again from zero. You’ll have to make it all the way to 
the village near the end of the zone with the egg intact.

* Enter the village. Give the egg to the creature blocking the way, and the 
prisoner will reward you with The Spark.

To unlock the gunslinger, you must do the following.

* Grab the battery from Magnetic Fields by completing the robot’s challenge. 

* The robot looks like a little Glados with a quest marker on the map. 

* The robot is always on the lower part of the zone.

* Insert it into the raft in Toxic Sea, and kill the monster. The raft looks 
like docks with a quest marker on the node. It is always on the upper path of 
the zone.

* Profit

You only get three chances at the robot’s challenge before you are locked out for 
that run. If you fail, start a new run and try again.

The raft monster is a battle of attrition, focus on not getting hit.

The raft monster has several attacks, all but one of which is non-deflectable.

There is no way to directly damage the monster, you must reflect a specific attack.

* Three waves of bullets at separate intervals from different sides of the boat, 
  that must be dashed through.
* A circle of bullets with a hole in one side that closes in and then reverses 
  itself as it expands. On most formations, you will need to go through the hole 
  and dash through the bullets as it expands.
* Random bullet spray, easy to avoid.
* A rotating line of bullets with a single deflectable bullet in the middle. To 
  damage the boss, you must deflect these back at it. It will take multiple phases 
  to kill the boss.

Once it’s dead, you can grab the Gunslinger on the island the boat reaches.

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