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  Hints and Tips for: Deja VU 
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 Deja VU Cheats

Deja VU

To open Mr. Brody's and Ace Harding's door you must first go to the 
penthouse suite at the Siegel Appts, examine the photo on the mantle,
it gives an address (You will have to shoot the lock off to get 
inside). Examine the tables contents, amongst them is an unmarked 
key - This will open the door (MS: You would think it would be easier 
to shoot the lock off Mr. Brody's Door!!!!)

Get more coins when broke:
No coins? No problem! The game prevents you from ever worrying about 
running out of coins, provided you can make it back to Peoria St. and
back to the basement of Joe's Bar in one piece. Go to the casino with
0 coins, and EXAM the slot machine on the right (the one that works).
You will always find an extra coin sitting in the pan if the game d
etects you have 0 coins. Gamble until you get more!
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