Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Delta Force - Black Hawk Down 
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 Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Cheats

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Start game as usual. During gameplay press TILDE to go to console, then enter the following 
cheats followed by ENTER:

Code        Result
fc1ef2ed  - Refill Ammunition 
3cfe170c  - Infinite Ammunition 
91d428aa  - Get Megahp 
43b24753  - Invisible
g1d428aa  - Army help  
restart   - Restart game 

Delta Force Black Hawk Down - Multiplayer DEMO:
Submitted by: Electro-Muf Montilla

Infinite Ammo:
Get At4 and search a grenade launcher. When you are ready for get it, press Shift and Fire (in 
same time, with At4)... if do it well, you will kill yourself and when u respawn... You will be
in this same place with infinite ammo.

Open the command's console and type simply restart... you will be invisible and inmortal. Only if 
you or somebody kill your body (where you do it the cheat) you will can death.

PLAYING CORRECTILY. I cheat, for example, when in a game everybody is cheating. 

Submitted by: hasan ezzeddine

When you enter the i.e in game play press the key (`) that is behind numb 1 and then type these: 
43b24753: invisible
3cfe170c: infinit ammo
g1d428aa: army help

Get To the Crash, Only On Lost Convoy:
On lost convoy to get to the crash if you see barrels on a corner DON'T BLOW THEM UP!. You must jump
on them and jump from the barrels to the rooftop and to another rooftop until you see blades. If you
go over there and go to the building you usually go to to beat the level. Now if you want to save it
you don't have to wait that long to get to the crash. Now you fight a swarm of Somalis and if you die
just go to SAVED GAME and restart.

Multiplayer Tips:
If you're always getting killed in multiplayer or you're and experienced veteran, I've got some useful 

* Play as they type of soldier you are best with-don't play as a type that you 
  don't like very much just because of the level.
* Always keep moving-this does not completely apply to snipers!
* Snipers- always find a good hiding spot. Try to stick near an area with a lot
  of brush or shadows so you are not as visible.
* If you are a sniper who doesn't want a high powered rifle in an urban area-I
  recommend the M21. Otherwise stick with the .300 Tactical or Barrett.
* Be stealthy if your team is losing and you need a PSP. The enemy will hopefully
  be distracted by the rest of your team.
* USE TEAMWORK! It is not emphasized enough!

Submitted by: Imon The Threat

Hi, game lovers, I'll bring a funny thing in front of you. In the game of Black Hawk Down (Delta Force)
-There is a mission named "Shore Patrol". At the last stage of the mission, you have to destroy a ship.
In the bunk hold of the ship, there is a man with an AK-47. He will be watching for enemy. DON'T KILL 
HIM,my dear friend. Jump over him. What's happening? He isn't shooting at you!You can jumping in front
of him, fire beside of him, he'll get down, but don't shoot as you. Play with him. Have fun...

Shore Patrol mission: Unexpected ally:
At the last stage of the mission, you must destroy a ship. In the bunk hold of the ship, there is a 
man with an AK-47. He will be watching for enemies. Do not kill him. Instead, jump over him. He is 
not shooting at you. You can jump in front of him or fire beside of him. He will get down, but not 
shoot at you.

How to quickly complete Mogadishu Mile:
When you start the mission, run up to the first HUMVEE in the convoy and jump on the hood. Now stay
on the hood, after about 30 sec. the convoy will begin to move. Stay on it and protect the convoy 
(I suggest using a machine gun of some kind for faster firing and more rounds) you will see bad guys 
to your right and then to your left (The guys with the AK-47ís arenít a big problem if youíre using 
a trainer) You are going to want to focus on the guys with the RPGs (Two shots from a RPG will blow 
up the HUMVEE and thus failing the mission). They are very hard to spot and even though I have beaten
the game 3 times, I still canít spot them right away, most of them will be in groups of guys with AKs.
After about two minutes of chaos the convoy will speed up (your team will be able to keep up with you,
but they will soon catch up with you). Once the convoy stops just outside the stadium, take out any 
enemy forces you see, then wait about 2-3 mins (For some reason it is always different, sometimes it
will be 1 min, and other times it will be 5). Then guide the convoy to the stadium. Once youíve 
reached the last waypoint you will complete the mission. Doing this will complete the mission faster
and easier.

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