Delta Force - Land Warrior Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Delta Force - Land Warrior 
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 Delta Force - Land Warrior Cheats

Delta Force - Land Warrior

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: vitali
Press `~` (tilde) and enter the command you want:

Result                    Code 
Max out Ammo            - kariya
Be Invisible            - corbet
Get Full Ammo           - drury 
Invincibility           - roy
Artilery Strike         - domi
Absolute look down      - look_dn_abs  
Absolute look up        - look_up_abs  
Absolute turn left      - turn_left_abs  
Absolute turn right     - turn_right_abs  
Advance next waypoint   - NextWaypoint  
Artillery Strikes       - domi  
Aux 1                   - 5explosives 
Back                    - alt_move_back  
Ban                     - Ban 
Binoculars              - Binoculars  
Blue talk               - talkblue  
Bozo mode               - Bozo 
Break talker            - VonBT  
Center View             - center_view  
Change magazine         - magazine  
Chat                    - talk 
Command prompt          - command  
Commander's map         - BigMap  
Crouch                  - Crouch 
Cycle weapons           - cycle  
Decrease record volume  - VonRVD  
Detonator               - 6detonator  
Display                 - VonDisplay  
Display last talker     - VonDLT  
Drop item               - Drop 
Dual CPU mode           - dualcpu  
Exit game               - quit 
Exit mission            - exit  
Invincibility           - roy 
Fire weapon             - attack_1  
First person gun view   - showgun  
First person view       - 1stPerson  
Flip mouse direction    - flipmouse  
Fly up                  - fly_up 
Forward                 - alt_move_forward  
Friendly tags           - ShowFriendly  
Invisibility            - drury  
Grenade                 - 7grenade 
Help                    - help 
HUD color               - hudcolor  
HUD Detail              - huddetail  
Increase record volume  - VonRVU  
Invisible               - corbet 
Jump                    - move_jump 
Kill list               - killlist  
Knife                   - 1knife 
Laser designator        - 8laser  
Load game               - LoadGame  
Lock game               - lockgame  
Look down               - look_down  
Look up                 - look_up 
Mouse scaling           - mousescale  
Move back               - move_back  
Move forward            - move_forward  
Move view down          - CameraDown  
Move view left          - CameraLeft  
Move view right         - CameraRight  
Move view up            - CameraUp  
Mute current talker     - VonMCT  
Net delay               - netdelay  
Next Flag               - NextFlag  
Night vision            - NVG 
Pause game              - Pause 
Primary weapon          - 3primary_weapon  
Prone                   - Prone 
Punt CRC                - PuntCRC 
Punt Log                - PuntLog 
Punt mode               - Punt 
Push to talk            - VonTalk  
Realistic night vision  - CoolNVG  
Recent messages         - OldMessages  
Red talk                - talkred 
Reset game              - resetgames  
Restart mission         - restart  
Save game               - SaveGame  
Save Scores             - savescores  
Scope                   - scope 
Scope magnification     - scopemag  
Scope Scale             - scopescale  
Scope zero decrease     - scopedec  
Scope zero increase     - scopeinc  
Screen shot             - PrintScreen  
Secondary weapon        - 4second_weapon  
Select last talker      - VonSLT  
Select target           - VonSBX  
Server screen           - server  
Set as Slot 0           - setasslot0  
Set as Slot 1           - setasslot1  
Set as Slot 2           - setasslot2  
Set as Slot 3           - setasslot3  
Set as Slot 4           - setasslot4  
Set as Slot 5           - setasslot5  
Set as Slot 6           - setasslot6  
Set as Slot 7           - setasslot7  
Set as Slot 8           - setasslot8  
Set as Slot 9           - setasslot9  
Set crosshair color     - CrossHairColor  
Sidearm                 - 2sidearm 
Special                 - 9medic 
Stand                   - Stand 
Strafe                  - Slide 
Strafe left             - slide_left  
Strafe left             - alt_slide_left  
Strafe right            - slide_right  
Strafe right            - alt_slide_right  
Team chat               - stalk 
Toss Slot               - 0tossslot  
Tracers                 - tracers 
Turn left               - turn_left  
Turn right              - turn_right  
Unlimited ammunition    - kariya  
Un-mute selected player - VonUSP  
Verbose mode            - Verbose  
View goals              - MissionGoals  
Walk                    - NoRun 
Zoom in                 - zoomin 
Zoom in                 - CameraZoomIn  
Zoom out                - zoomout 
Zoom out                - CameraZoomOut  
Unknown                 - Gimme 
Unknown                 - sky 
Unknown                 - lbsize 
Unknown                 - gamma 
Unknown                 - saturation  
Unknown                 - LastGame 
Unknown                 - fly_down 
Unknown                 - toggle_item  
Unknown                 - briefing 
Unknown                 - escape 
Unknown                 - AudioMacros  

Submitted by:rickHH

Concealment is key, especially if you hope to become a 
competent sniper. Having said that, it's always a good 
idea to look for signs of enemy activity by peering around 
the sides of a building, wall, or hillside rather than 
creeping up to the top. While this tactic can restrict your 
field of view, it also reduces your profile, making it much 
harder for the enemy to find and shoot you. 

Remember that you lose your scope view whenever you reload 
your weapon. During weapon reloads, you should either take 
cover behind intervening terrain or drop to the ground until 
a fresh magazine has been inserted. 

Don't fret if you should run out of ammo during a multiplayer 
scenario. You can replenish your ammunition by returning to 
your armory, provided it hasn't been blown up by the enemy. 
After you enter the armory, face the wall with the guns mounted 
on it and press C. This will bring up your control panel. 
Next, click the Request Weapons button located at the bottom 
of the screen. Your ammunition load out will be completely 

Restore ammunition:
Press [F11] to save the game when low on ammunition, then press [F12] to load
the game to resume with full ammunition. 

Change weapons during game play:
Save the game, then exit to the mission menu where you can start the mission 
again.Select The save game recorded in the top left corner and select your 
weapons. After the game is loaded, you will start with the new set of weapon 
with full ammunition from where you saved.

Submitted by: jugal

While playing the game, you kill a soldier then fire some laws on him & you'll 
notice some fireworks right out there... have fun!!!

Exploit missions easier:
This is a small exploit which makes your missions MUCH easier. First, save your
game, then end your mission. Return to the mission screen, and click Change Gear.
You MUST change at least one item of gear for this to work. Accept your gear, 
click once on your save game, and hit Start Mission. You will be returned to your
saved game with the new gear you chose, a fresh (full) load of ammunition, and 
full health. This exploit is terrific for missions that combine long-range combat
with tunnels or buildings.

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