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  Hints and Tips for: Desert Bus VR 
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 Desert Bus VR Cheats

Desert Bus VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by OberTralf

A quick guide on getting achievements in Desert Bus VR game on Steam.

Forget about getting every achievement in this game. It is technically possible, 
but you are not going to make it. Why? Because the hardest one requires you to 
continuously drive for about 553 real-life hours, which is 23 days.

Vroom Vroom! - Start the bus

This is one of the easiest achievements here. 
You just need to chose to be a driver at the bus stop stand.

Baby Steps - Drive one mile

Drive for one mile.
Good Job, I Guess? - Drive ten miles

Drive for ten miles.
Nice Trick, Now Make it Back - Make it to Las Vegas

This, most probably, will be your last achievement as a driver. 
You need to continuosly drive for 360 miles (8 hours) from Tucson to Las Vegas.

You Did It! - Make it back to Tucson

After you drive from Tucson to Las Vegas, you will have to make it back: 
720 miles or 16 hours. You cannot leave the game or your progress will be 
erased and you will have to start from the beginning. 

120 Hours Well Spent - Play for 5 days

As the description says, you will have to play for 20 hours or 5 days. 
The time accumulates, so you can simply start the game and do your chores 
without actually driving.

240 Hours Well Spent - Play for 10 days

Same as above, but twice as long.

You Monster... - Kill a poor, innocent bug

At some random point of time, a bug will smash on the windscreen. 
This is going to be the most entertaining thing you will ever see in the game. 
Apart from looking at the passengers dabbing that is.

At Least You Didn't Have to Steer - Get towed all the way to the start

When you pull over the road and drive for approximately 3-5 seconds by the wayside, 
you will be towed back to the start no matter how much you have driven.

Now That's Just Silly - Spend more time on the road than it took to program the game

There are no estimates of how long exactly you will have to play to get this one. 
My guess would be 500+ hours.

You Gotta Get Your Kicks - Drive the equivalent length of Route 66 (2448mi)

...which takes only 54.4 hours

That Certainly Would Have Been More Scenic - Drive the distance from New York 
City to Los Angeles (2777mi)

That is 61.7 hours.

Talk About "World-Wide", Am I Right? - Drive the equivalent length of Earth's circumference (24,901mi)

553.4 hours.

"Are We There Yet?" - Join a multiplayer game

You need to join the game as a passenger.

Family Vacation - Ride along for a complete trip

This is the most traitorous achievement. It requires you to just join the game as a passenger 
and ride along for a complete trip, but you never know if the driver is serious and is going 
to drive for more than 5 minutes.


* You cannot leave the game
* You cannot exit to the game menu, unless you want to start over
* You can minimise the game window without quitting, and hope for the game server or your 
  internet provider will not lag and disconnect you
* You cannot simply put a coin on 'W' and go to school. The bus slightly pulls to the right, 
  so you will have to steer all the time
* The radio programme is magnificent.

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