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  Hints and Tips for: Freespace 2 
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 Freespace 2 Cheats

Freespace 2

This game is titled also "Descent - Freespace 2"

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Damian Doyle

Cheat mode:
While playing the game type Message will
show "Cheats activated". Then the following combinations of 
keys will change the state of a cheat:
Hold down ~ and press:

Code      Result
C       - Send message to enemies.
Shift+C - Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships. 
K       - Kill target. 
Shift+K - Destroy targeted subsystem. 
Alt+K   - 10% damage to yourself. 
I       - Invulnerability. 
Shift+I - Toggle invulnerability for target. 
O       - Toggle Descent-style physics. 
Shift+W - Infinite Weapons for ALL ships, including yours. 
W       - Infinite weapons for just YOUR ship. 
G       - Mark all primary goals complete. 
Shift+G - Mark all secondary goals complete. 
Alt+G   - Mark all bonus goals complete. 
9       - Scroll forward through all secondary weapons. 
Shift+9 - Scroll backward through all secondary weapons. 
0       - Scroll forward through all primary weapons. 
Shift+0 - Scroll backward through all secondary weapons. 
R       - Issue a rearm request for target. 

Note: You CANNOT advance the mission if you activated the cheat codes.

Go into one of the single missions and activate the unlimited ammo
cheat. Leave the single mission (you don't have to finish) and return
to the campaign. You will now have unlimited missiles and keep the 
ability to advance in the campaign. 

Cheat mode (alternate):
Type one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate 
the cheat function.

Effect                       Screen                           Code
Pirate ship                - During mission                 - arrrrwalktheplank
Any hit displays Jim Boone - During mission                 - tooledworkedowned
Fish tank                  - Player select(Vasudan cruiser) - vasudanswuvfishes
Bizarre scene              - Player select(Terran cruiser)  - humanheadzinside

Get insulted by FRED 2:
In FRED 2 (the mission editor program) place a ship (such as a SJ Sathanas) 
somewhere, then place another one so that they take up the same space. This 
is easier if you have "View Models" or at least "View Outlines" enabled, 
because you can place the second ship so that its center is just off the 
surface of the first one. The second ship you place will automatically be 
named "U.R.A. Moron 1".

Pirate Ship:
During a mission, type ''arrrrwalktheplank'' to summon a priate ship.

UD-8 Kayser in the mission Endgame:
During "Endgame," the 25th mission Volition programmers accidentally left 99 UD-8
Kaysers available in the pre-launch weapon selection screen even though the weapon
isn't technically introduced until much later in the game. Use them! While they 
cause a significant drain in your power reserves when compared to other weapons,
the Kaysers are the best primary weapons in the game and will utterly destroy the
waves of NTF fighters you come across during this mission.

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