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  Hints and Tips for: Desolate Room 
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 Desolate Room Cheats

Desolate Room

Locating Model 0:
Model 0 can be a bit tricky to find. In the cut-scenes, one of
the robots says walls are not what they seem. After defeating 
Viral Code, simply go down and you will be able to move through
certain walls. This will lead to the red and final area where 
Model 0 resides.

Quick defeat:
The bosses are very brutal and it can take a long time to inflict
serious damage. One of the ways to beat them is to have Derelict 
launch his instant kill Doom Claw and keep healing and slowing 
down the opponent while the timer counts down. To kill them more
quickly, enter a boss battle with full speed and charge to prevent
the opponent from striking first or casting Depletion or Log Off, 
which are hard to deal with. With the initiative in your hands, 
have Defect launch Hack 2 to lower the enemy's statistics, strike 
with Derelict's Rupture 101 for a direct hit and long-lasting virus
damage, and then enhance the constant damage with Tool's Tool X Virus
(damage x2) and Alphus Uh Oh Ball (damage x3). Doing six times as much
damage as usual, these combined skills at level 10 can even take out 
the final boss in less than 30 seconds.

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