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  Hints and Tips for: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep 
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 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Cheats

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Moon Region Chests:
-=Region Chest 1: Anchor of Light=-
In the southeast corner of the Anchor of Light area you will find this region chest. 
It is next to the crashed ship on top of container next to a purple tarp.

-=Region Chest 2: Anchor of Light=-
The next Region Chest can be found on the west side of the Anchor of Light area. Look 
for a piece of wreckage that serves as an entrance to a cave next to the path leading 
to the Archer’s Line area. Inside the cave behind some rocks is the Region Chest.
-=Region Chest 3: Archer’s Line=-
In the Archer’s Line area there is a piece of broken track above you. 
Jump up to it to find this Region Chest.

-=Region Chest 4: Archer’s Line=-
On the southwest corner of the Archer’s Line area you will find this Region Chest on 
a small ledge behind some crates.

-=Region Chest 5: Archer’s Line=-
Head to the eastside of the Archer’s Line area to find a large domed building. On the 
exterior of the building you will find a extendable hallway. Jump over to it to find 
the Region Chest.

-=Region Chest 6: Anchor of Light=-
On the north side of the Anchor of Light area there is a crack you can see next to 
some downed girders. Jump up to the Region Chest above this crack.

-=Region Chest 7: Hellmouth=-
North of the In Search of Answers mission start you will find a yellow container you 
can enter. Inside this container is a Region Chest.

-=Region Chest 8: Hellmouth=-
In the Hellmouth area on the southside there is a large crack you can jump. 
Inside this crack near a purple tarp is the Region Chest.

-=Region Chest 9: Hellmouth=-
For Region Chest 9 you will find a crack you can walk along the sides of. At one point 
you will be able to jump to another section. Jump there then walk to the end and drop 
down to the ledge below to find this Region Chest.

-=Region Chest 10: Sorrow’s Harbor=-
Along the southwest wall of the Sorrow’s Harbor area you will find this Region Chest 
hiding behind some rocks above. You will need to make your way up to the chest to see it.

-=Region Chest 11: Sorrow’s Harbor=-
You will find this Region Chest underneath the walkway in a small room of in the southeast 
corner of the Sorrow’s Harbor area. Drop down to the platform below to reach it.

-=Region Chest 12: Sorrow’s Harbor=-
On the southeast side of the entrance to the keep, near a landing spot, there is an 
entrance leading to an area below. Go into this area to find the Region Chest.

Secret "Orbital Cartographer" Legendary emblem:
Go to the K1 Logistics Lost Sector at the top of Archer's Line on the Moon. Proceed 
through the Lost Sector until you reach the end arena with the shielded Servitor in 
the middle. As you enter the arena, look to your right to see a one-story building 
with some debris on the roof. Jump on top of it and interact with the crashed 
satellite to get the "Orbital Cartographer" Legendary emblem, which resembles the 
old NASA logo.

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