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  Hints and Tips for: Devolverland Expo 
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 Devolverland Expo Cheats

Devolverland Expo

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Skip Videos:
Written by Lufka

* Go to your steam library.
* Right click on "Devolverland Expo" -> "Properties" 
  -> In the new window click "Browse Local files".
* Go to -> "Devolverland_Expo" -> "Content" > "Movies".
* Now copy one of intro videos, doesnt matter which one 
  (example Devolver_Startup_Logo_1080p_30.mp4).
* Go further to -> "Trailers" -> "Final".
* Now paste this file into "Final" folder.
* Copy name of original trailer file 
  (example Blightbound-DevWalkthrough.mp4 ).
* Paste and Rename the file you just copied and delete original 
  trailer file (right click -> rename file -> ctrl+a + ctrl+c 
  -> esc -> delete file -> rename copied one).
* Repeat for all 8 Trailer files.

Tips for Frickin' Laser Beams:
Written by MntBerryCrunch

This guide will give you some tips for getting past the "Frickin' Laser Beams" 
unscathed, getting you an achievement.

Frickin' Laser Beams - Don't get caught by those frickin' laser beams.

The laser beams appear just after you finish the Weird West booth, and ride the 
elevator outside. After going into the room, dropping down, and opening the doors, 
you'll be presented with a corridor filled with laser beams. Each set of laser 
beams will increase in difficulty.

-=First Laser Beam=-
This one is simple. You can walk under it with ease, as the laser will go way above 
your head.

-=Second Laser Beam=-
This one requires you to crouch. Crouch first, and ease up on to the laser. 
When the timing is right, cross the beam. Make sure to fully cross it, because 
it can hit your back or leg behind you.

Alternatively, you can slide under it. Press forward (w) and then press the 
slide button (ctrl) to slide. Just make sure you fully cross the barrier. If 
you stand too soon, your head will hit the laser.

-=Third Laser Beam=-
This one follow the same idea as the second laser beam, but with a little bit 
tighter timing. I was able to crouch past it easily. Sliding worked well too.

-=Fourth Laser Beam=-
This one is tough, and definitely requires sliding to get past. The gap is easy 
to time the sliding. Watch the pattern for a few cycles, then run at it, then 
slide. I was able to get through via the center opening, but use which ever works 

Alternatively, you can cheese it! See Cheesing The Last Two for more information.

-=Fifth Laser Beam=-
This one pretty much requires you to cheat. In fact, I believe it's part of the 
puzzle, so it's not really cheating. But, if you wanted to attempt this laser, 
you gotta time your slide perfectly. I cheesed it, because I wanted the chieve. 

-=Cheesing The Last Two=-
For the last two lasers, you can actually cheese them pretty easily. 
You may even to do the last three, if your aim is really good.

If you look at the very end of the corridor, you'll see a security booth with a 
glowing red box. This is the same box you shot at the beginning of the game, 
before you got access to your attendee badge in the security office.

Shoot this red box, and all of the lasers will turn off. You can walk freely, 
and you'll get the achievement (If you didn't get caught on the previous lasers). 
This is a very good idea to do before you attempt the final laser.

Once you finish the lasers, you'll be done and you'll have a new achievement. 
Remember, if you get caught, you'll have to attempt to get the achievement on 
your next play-through.

I recommend, if you get caught, and you're still trying to find the collectibles, 
don't restart your game. Finish your run, and get all the collectibles. After that, 
start a new game, and speed run all the way to the lasers. 
It takes about 10 minutes to get there.

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