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  Hints and Tips for: Dice Tower Defense 
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 Dice Tower Defense Cheats

Dice Tower Defense

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Wesoly Foton.

Easy method to get all the achievements. If you can read this, 
then propably you can get 100% achievements without any problems.

-=What You Vill Need
* Ability to read guides
* Knowing diffrence between up and down, and left and right
* Ability to counting to 59
* Dice Tower Defense

I am not sure if this is important, but I played in window mode. If you 
like to play in full screen mode make sure you are able to close game 
with alt + F4 combination.

Don't speed up. Game have problems with computing when you play in high speed. 

Make sure to place your damege dealing towers in upper-right corner. 
Every tower attack enemy that is closest to him. If you place tower in that 
corner your tower will attack enemies that are near exit.

-=Phase #1
Build / upgrade your damage dealing towers until you will had.

On level 1-10:

1 white dice with 1 pip
2 blue dice with 1 pip
1 red dice with 1 pip

On level 11-20:

2 white dices with 2 pips
2 blue dices with 2 pips
1 red dice with 2 pips

On level 21-30:

3 white dices with 3 pips
3 blue dices with 3 pips
1 red dice with 3 pips

On level 31-40:

3 white dices with 4 pips
2 blue dices with 4 pips
2 red dices with 4 pips

On level 41-50:

4 white dices: with 5 pips, 4 pips, 3 pips and 1 pip
2 blue dices: with 5 pips and 4pips
2 red dices: with 5 pips and 4 pips 

After you had all dices, go to phase 2.

-=Phase #2
If you have empty space on board, put there money tower (orange one). 
If there is no space left, then upgrade your money tower.

Repeat that until you beat boss.

If you already in level 51 then go to phase 3. Otherwise go to phase 1.

-=Phase #3
You have enough dps to beat levels 51-59. So just press play and dont build 
any tower. After you beat level 59 you should have about 20K money. It's 
enough to build a dice with a 6 pips. Build one and then press alt + f4. 
Start game again and you should be at place where you finished level 59 
(so with all your money back). Build another dice with 6 pips (with diffrent 
color then previous). Repeat 2 more times and you should got every achievement.
Good Luck!

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