Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza 
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 Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza Cheats

Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza

God Mode:
Go to your game installation folder and edit a file called "autoexec.cfg".
Look for the parameter "PlayerTakeDamage" "1" and change the value of the 
damage string to "0". 
Example: "PlayerTakeDamage" "0" 

No-Clipping Mode:
change the "PlayerClip" "0" entry to "PlayerClip" "1". 

Enemy God Mode:
"AITakeDamage" "1" "AITakeDamage" "0" 
Always make a backup before editing system files.

God Mode [Demo]:
Submitted by: Haspa

Since i first played this demo i noticed that all the odds were set out 
against your charector. the computer tries to gang up on your ass. so i 
figured out a way to get god mode for this demo. go in to your game 
installation folder and edit the file called "autoexec.cfg" inside look
for the parameter "PlayerTakeDamage" "1" change the value of the damage
string to 0 example "PlayerTakeDamage" "0" save the file and thats it. 

Game Fixes: 
God Mode, No Clipping [DEMO Verison]. To Have 'No Clipping' During Game Play.
You will need to edit your ''autoexec.cfg'' file. use a Text Editor (i.e notepad). 
Change the ''PlayerClip'' ''0''  entry to ''PlayerClip'' ''1''. 
Just remember that you cann't Turn any of these off until you change it in the .cfg

Also you can Have God Mode on. Just Change the ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''1'' 
entry to ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''0''. 
And You can Make the Bad Guys In God mode too, just Change ''AITakeDamage'' ''1'' 
to ''AITakeDamage'' ''0''

Two ways to kill M-60 Boss:
On level 13: Clearing the Bird's Next, you face a boss armed with a M-60 heavy 
machine gun and a few other goons. As you take care of the other goons, the "boss"
ran off and hid himself behind some cartons. 
While you can try to play peek-a-boo with him and take random shots hoping to score
a ht, here's a more active approach. Get close enough to him, and you should notice
there are two gas cylinders near him, a read one and a blue one. Shoot the red 
cylinder, and KABOOM! The bad guy's blown 10 ft through a side door, and you 
can keep the M-60!

Two Ways to Kill Tony:
On level 2: False Alarm, you need to take out Tony, one of the original crew with 
Hans, in order to get out of the level. It will be a tough fight... If you play 
fair, so don't. As you enter the door, the goons are to your left. There is a 
partition in front of you, and there's a door there to the far wall. If you go to 
that other door, you'll see a panel on the far wall that contains a lot of switches.
One switch, labeled "main circuit breaker", is turned off. Turn that back on (quickly
to take less damage) and crouch, and you'll turn on the table saw in the middle, 
which propels a piece of plank right into Tony, thus taking care of him! Kill the 
other two goons in the room when you have a chance. 
The other way of course, is to simply hit Tony with enough bullets.

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