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  Hints and Tips for: Digimon Survive 
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 Digimon Survive Cheats

Digimon Survive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Affinity:
This glitch can be performed at two points in chapter 5.

The first time is during the free action at the school. If you 
speak to any character twice during this period while they have 
an hourglass, they will mention having lost an item. Do this for 
as many characters as you can, and then progress the story by 
talking to Agumon. This is a good time to make a backup save.

A fight with a Gazimon will follow. Defeat him, and at the end of 
the fight all the lost items will be returned.

When you see the first character's affinity increase, save and load 
the game. The increase will remain, and you'll have gained the 
affinity again. Save and load to repeat the process. Each character 
with a lost item will be able to gain max affinity this way

Later in this chapter in the Waterway (when looking for Shuuji) the 
ones who you didn't return items to will have items that Agumon can 
find by talking to him. Save when the affinity is obtained and repeat 
the process from above of saving and loading.

Accessory Farming NS:
During free roam, the shadow encounters are repeatable without 
advancing the story if you leave an area(s) and return. 
For example: in chapter 3, if you go to the Shrine region, you can 
go between the three areas to rapidly engage in shadow battles. 
The benefit of this is that shadow battles always have chests that 
contain arguably solid loot.

Faster Level Ups NS:
Free Digimon require less experience to gain levels the lower they 
are in their evolutionary path. If there is a Digimon that you want
to add to your party, level it up before evolving it, and don't catch
it in its evolved form if you have evolution items to spare.

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