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  Hints and Tips for: Dinkum 
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 Dinkum Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Catch Birds (Easy Method):
Written by Barefoot

I discovered an easy way to catch birds!

* First, you need a Torch 
  (sold at Johnís once heís a resident).
* Now, wait until night time.
* Find a bird and flash the torch at it to stun it! If it worked, 
  youíll hear a flash, and the bird will get stars circling over 
  its head and (hopefully) fall to the ground.
* Quickly switch to the cage (you only have a few seconds, so put
  them right next to each other in your tool belt), and cage the 
* Pick up the bird to do with as you please. 
* Tada!

How to Move Farm Animals to Another Location:
Written by Odiniichan

Your first pen is too small? Having trouble moving your chickens? 
Canít pick them up? Look no further!

* Guide to Move Farm Animals to Another Location
* Transferring Animals
* Easy Steps to follow to transfer your pets.

When your new location for an animal pen is ready, pick up all the old 
feeders and animal housing then put them in your bag.

* Place the feeders and housing on the new location then go back to the 
  first location.
* Dismantle the fences of the original animal pen you made so that your 
  pets can walk out easy.

Now you have to whistle to your pets so that they follow you by pressing 
Enter on the keyboard and clicking on the Whistle Icon.

* Walk away a few blocks then whistle again.
* Keep doing step 5 til all your pets are in the new Enclosure.

Thatís it for moving your animals. Enjoy the game!

-=Bonus tip=-
Make sure to max the permit for handling pets and you will get the blueprint 
for the silo. It is used for automatically placing the feeds on the feeding 
box every morning.

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