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  Hints and Tips for: Dino Run DX 
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 Dino Run DX Cheats

Dino Run DX

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "My Buddy" achievement:
Select Challenge mode and the "Apocalypse" level under the easy difficulty
setting; or level 6 under the medium or higher difficulty setting. Progress
through the level until a meteor hits the ground in front of you. It will 
open an entrance to a cave below our character. Move to the left of the cave
to find the Little Green Dude. Note: Doing this under a lower difficulty 
setting will decrease the chance of being caught by the Doom Wall. 

Easy "Ringleader" achievement:
Jump on a boulder when it is moving very slowly and remain on top of it. 
This is easier to do with a large boulder. Find a big boulder on top of a 
mountain in level 3 or select the "Circus Tryout" speedrun. During the 
speedrun, find a large lava boulder. Try to climb on it and start riding 
the boulder. 

Easy "Sky Runner" achievement:
Jump when a pterodactyl flies above you. It will grab you , carry you for 
awhile, then drop you. You will fall early if you touch the ground or another
object. When the pterodactyl drops you, your character will never fall 
directly below. The drop will be slightly to the rear or front. If you 
press a direction while being carried, you will fall from the front of the
pterodactyl, but at a larger angle. To get a pterodactyl chain, get dropped
or to jump from a pterodactyl and land on another one. With luck, you can 
get in a large group of pterodactyls and chain from them just by being 
dropped. The best location to get the 4x chain is the "The Hitchhiker" 
speedrun. During this speedrun, there will be many pterodactyls that 
keep you in their talons for longer amount of time than usual. This will
allow you to have more of a chance to choose to be dropped or to jump 
from a pterodactyl at the correct moment to extend your chain.

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