Dirt Track Racing Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dirt Track Racing 
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 Dirt Track Racing Cheats

Dirt Track Racing

Get 1 Million: 
In career mode type in "MEGASAXON2 for the name click continue the
screen will stat there you can rename it the click continue again 
and you should have a $1,000,000!

* Even practice sessions cost you money when you're in Career mode.
  So why not save your career and head on over to Quick Race? Here,
  you can practice and race to your heart's content at any circuit 
  you like without incurring entry fees and damage repair costs.

* AI opponents tend to gravitate to the extreme outside line at each
  track, even down the straightaways. This leaves you a ton of room 
  down the inside, with very little traffic. And, because corners 
  are best handled by holding that very same inside line, you may 
  never have to get involved in all the crashing and bashing. 

* You can spend all your money on upgrading to new and improved parts,
  but a proper setup costs nothing and offers even better performance.
  Veterans of Papyrus's NASCAR Racing series will find they can use 
  much the same sort of setup here, while rookies should keep in mind
  that their car works best when set up for left turns. 

* Using an opponent's car to help you slow down in a turn is perfectly
  legal and definitely recommended. Granted, you won't get a particularly
  fast time by driving this way all the time, but if you keep the traffic
  to your outside, you'll always have that outlet when the situation 
  warrants it.

Infinite money:
In the menu type if_money and you will get infinity money.

Easy money:
To get easy money, simply go to the options screen and turn off the 
damage, when you enter an event and win money, you dont have to pay 
for damage so you can save up $10,000 to get a late model very fast.
(warning to the inexperienced player, the late models are insanely 

Codes For Stuff:
EAQ79LF4G37DB - All Liveries
25ATEU26BWD0B - All Single Events
9YME5A0H30HEJ - All Tracks
R8RNQ7NP6M0DC - Championship
4LAEYR10WLRC5 - Vehicle Set 1
LNBMGDCLPDMF3 - Vehicle Set 2
T0KVTQDLYM38G - Vehicle Set 3

Keep spinning:
When you are qualifying, go into the center of the track and hold [Cursor Up],
which is the default key to accelerate, and hold the key to turn left. Release
the turn key after at least ten seconds and you will still be spinning in a 

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