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  Hints and Tips for: Disco Elysium 
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 Disco Elysium Cheats

Disco Elysium

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Cheat:
Written by Necrof

How to raise your stats via cheating by manipulation with the save file 
at the beginning to see all possible outcomes and content.

-=How to Become a Supercop (Cheating)=-
After playing this great game for a couple of days I personally don't find 
it's system of dice and skill checks fair. To explore all content and 
possibilities you have to replay the game over and over maxing different skills. 
I searched the web and found the way to cheat max skills at the beginning without 
much effort. If you want to play Disco Elysium as it was intended by developers - 
don't read this guide and don't try this method. If you don't have much time or 
want to at least KNOW all the skillchecks - try my method.

Start a new game. Save immediately after you can. Locate your save file. 
On Windows 10 it's in:

C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\LocalLow\ZAUM Studio\Disco Elysium\SaveGames

Copy .zip archive just in case. Extract the file ending in ".2nd.ntwtf.json". 
Open it with a Notepad. Search for line "INITIAL_DICE". You gonna see this:

"AbilityModifierCauseMap": {
"INT": [
"type": "INITIAL_DICE",
"amount": 6,
"explanation": "Intellect base",
"skillType": "NONE",
"modifierCause": null

"INT" means Intellect. Below gonna be similar parts of code labeled PSY, FYS 
and MOT. Those are 4 basic skill trees.

Change "amount": 6 (there gonna be a number you choose when you created your 
character) to any number you like. Personally I tried 20 for every skill tree 
and I think that's enough for a whole game. If you want just a little headstart 
and not heavy on cheating - choose 6 for all four skill trees.

Save the file and put it back into save archive. Just drag and drop your previously
 extracted and modified ".2nd.ntwtf.json" back into save game .zip. 
Load your save and enjoy!

P.S: Even with all skills at 20 there's a 3% chance to fail a dice roll on 
skillcheck. So don't forget to quicksave often!

How do I get the “best ending?”:
The ending occurs once you begin traveling to the island. There you’ll meet the real 
killer and have a chance to speak to a bug. The actual ending is as follows: Harry 
went on a binge drinking spree. Pawned his gun after crashing his car through the snow. 
He wakes up in the hostel room, no clue who he is or where he’s at. He meets Kim and 
they begin investigating the local murder. The victim is a mercenary hired by West 
Pines because the Union has gone on strike, therefore their shipping supply route is 
currently down until the strike ends. Harry uncovers bits and pieces of his past while 
exploring the city. He eventually finds out that the victim wasn’t hung, but was shot 
instead. In looking for those clues, he finds that he was shot while in a relationship 
with a local. She in turns points Harry towards someone who is super clingy with her. 
After Harry locates Ruby, he returns to city center where a tribunal occurs with a 
various amount of causalities. Injured after that event, Harry and Kim are told to 
travel to the one place they haven’t located. There, they find the vantage point of 
the shooter and then locate an ex-communist who was the one who fired the shot. He 
had not left the island for an extremely long time, because he was under the influence 
of a “Cryptid” who has been making the revolutionary go mad. When you return to the 
island, you find your team who you told to sit at the sidelines and debrief on 
everything you’ve done – your accomplishments, failures, etc. and some expose on the 
history of Harry. There is only one ending. Discovering the Cryptid is the only 
“optional” part. Your partners are the ones who bring up past choices and give their 
opinions on them.

What’s the password for the production schedule?:
On day 3, Wednesday, go to the Church. Walk around inside until a dude in the 
rafters shows up. Then ask him for the password.

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