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  Hints and Tips for: Disney Dreamlight Valley 
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 Disney Dreamlight Valley Cheats

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Changing Tips / Hacks:
1. Unlock an area that has part of the area gated off (by mushrooms or whatever),
move the well to the gated off area. Now I can access both sides (like in Forest
of Valor and Glade of Trust)

2. Click “F” as if you’re going to edit the town, press F again to hide the 
furniture screen. Zoom out a lot. Now I can move around the camera and look for 
blue/gold fishing spots and ore sticking out of rocks to mine anywhere I’ve unlocked
without the hassle of running around and manually checking. Just use your town 
editor to find them.
3. Canola and Onions are the only crops that matter for money until I unlock higher 
crops. The buy/sell rate is crazy (Canola sells for around 109, and onions are 170).
I have a 8×8 field in front of my house, and just farming those over and over net me
around 10k each time.

4. I’ve moved all the trees & bushes with spawning fruit from every unlocked “village” 
biome into one area in the Meadow. That way I just run up and down the line harvesting 
them all at once rather than run to each biome to find them.

Easiest Way to Make Money Fast:
Onions are a serious way to make money!

You can buy Onion seeds from Goofy’s stall in “Forest of Valor”.

* Onion seed BUY price is $50/each
* Onion seed SELL price is $170/each
* Grow time is 1hr 15min.

Tip: Make sure to plant the onion seed in the Forest of Valor, an upward green 
arrow will show. I guess its the preferred biome to plant. Which goes for any other 
seed that you buy in the specific biome”

* Bought and planted 198 onion seeds (99 seeds = $4,950, 198 seeds = $9,900).
* 1hr 15min grow time.
* Harvested with a designated gardening character at Level 10.
* Harvested 372 onions.
* SOLD Onions for $63.2K

Buy and sell onions!

Fast Way of Leveling Up Friendship:
Here are some ways that you can level up friendship faster. (at least i thought 
it would be faster). other than giving their favorite of the day and daily 

Take the character that you want to level up with you and picking up flowers 
and giving them as gifts. Personalty, I just pick up flowers from 3 areas, 
which are Plaza, Meadow and the beach, because I feel the flowers at these 
three areas respawn faster than the rest areas. It might not be true, but I 
feel that way.

Other than the crops you grow, I would recommend taking the character with 
you and harvest fruits and spices in each areas. Just giving them these 
wouldn’t add many points, but each food items can only stack for 50 in a spot. 
So for the extras, you can either selling them or making dishes with it, or 
you can try new recipe at the restaurant. Dishes increase quite a bit of 
friendship points.

While you taking the character running around harvesting and picking up 
flowers, if you see the rock clearly with gem sigh, don’t miss them. With 
the gem you can either selling those for money or giving as gifts. I just 
save some at my house and sell the amount i don’t need.

Taking the character to clean the thorns, rocks, tree stumps and mushrooms 
wouldn’t increase much of the friendship, but you gotta decorate the areas 
later, so its better than nothing. Here’s the related character’s quest with 
tool’s upgrading.

Merlin – water can – cleaning mushrooms
Elsa and Maui – pickaxe – cleaning ice and sandstone
Anna – shovel – cleaning tree stumps (if I remembered correctly)

-=Other Useful Tips=-
I found most quests needs iron ingot, i would recommend just go to forest of 
valor and glade these two areas, because the mines there only gives you rock, 
coal, gem and iron ores. The Plateau and forested heights gives you some, but 
mostly gold. Haven’t try forgotten land, but its pretty dark and crowded, so 
I don’t like going there.

If you need to go to other realms, remember to say good bye to the character 
whose with you, because they won’t follow you in there, and when you get out, 
you can’t find him or her until you reload the game. I don’t know if these 
would happen to anyone, but just remember this could happen, and try to avoid 

Finally, be friends with character in order of your like, but just do Minnie’s 
at the last. Her last quest is hideous i think, and it took me hours to just 
complete one quest.

Tips How to Make More Money Guide:
Written by AlexA13
-=Early game=-
1.Any Villager (or Goofy) can be obtained to level 10 friendship in Gardening.
2.Moving around trees and bushes will make it easier to move your house to 
  Meadow, as close as possible to Goofy’s stall. For easy access to your garden, 
  you can also move the Wishing Well close to you, if necessary.
3.Upgrade Goofy’s stall in Meadow until you can purchase the carrot seeds.
4.Now you will need your shovel. Go ahead and dig 20 plots directly in front of 
  your home. You can buy 20 carrot seeds, plant them, and water them. Carrots 
  can grow quickly (about 15 minutes). Once they're grown, you can then sell 
  them. Goofy should have at most 30 carrots for every level 10 and 7.
5.Next, dig additional plots, possibly up to 50. This will wear you out quickly 
  but, since the house is so nearby, you can still go in and come out as often 
  as necessary.
6.Keep going until you have 100-150 seeds and plots. You can make a huge profit 
  selling around 200 carrots, especially if you have a companion who is level 10

-=After unlocking Forest of Valor=-
1.Continue the steps of early game with Onions, and then move your house into 
  Forest of Valor. Each harvest of onions requires watering at least twice.
2.It's vital to have your house close to your home to replenish your energy quickly.
Onions are a very profitable crop with a profit margin around 19.6%. They are far 
more profitable than carrots, if you have the means. Averaging 200 onions per day 
(without dropping from your lvl10 companion will net you 100,000+ star coin.
-=After unlocking Frosted Heights=-
This one is a bit risky. But, it's worth it if your happy farming onions.
I kept my house and my onion plots in FoV (. I reduced my carrot plots down to 
around 30 for emergencies). I dug 50 eggplant plots and realized how much it took. 
A serious, long time (takes about 3 hours for them to grow.
They are profitable at around 20.6% per sown, so they are slightly more profitable 
than onions. I believe it is safe to grow the eggplants and store some for later. 
The returns on 100++ eggplants are amazing if you have the time, money, and 
patience to do so.

The Secret Trick for Crossing Blocked Bridges:
Written by Yamaoka

-=How to Cross Blocked Bridges=-
* Enter your inventory and choose the Furniture menu or just press F on your keyboard.
* You can move furniture and buildings around on the map, can also move the wishing 
  wells you’ve unlocked.
* Even though you can’t walk across it yourself, Dreamlight Valley doesn’t prevent 
  you from moving a wishing well to anywhere in its area.
* Place it somewhere on the other side of the bridge, exit the furniture menu, then 
  open your map. Click the icon of the well in its new location.
* Now you can explore the area on the other side of the blocked bridge before you 
  have the tools to remove the stumps or rocks blocking your path.

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