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  Hints and Tips for: Distance 
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 Distance Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Achievement Guide:
Written by Erik

This is a 100% Achievement guide for Distance. I compiled a list of notes for 
the achievements and am putting this guide together to share that information.

Many of these achievements are straightforward and do not require much, if any, 
explanation. More so, most will come through simply playing the game on it's own.
Others require a bit of effort and have multiple solutions, so feel free to try 
things on your own as well. The final three achievements in this guide are a bit
spoiler heavy, so if you're interested in figuring them out on your own then I 
urge you to not read that section.

-=Basic Driving=-
Advanced Driver - Get a silver medal on a track
Expert Driver - Get a gold medal on a track
Driving Ace - Get a diamond medal on a track - This is the medal after Gold. 
Times for Diamonds are hidden in the menu, but you can look on the leaderboards 
to see what time is required.
Self-Termination - Press the Reset button for the car - 
This probably shouldn't be an achievement.
Split Personality - Get sliced by a laser
Better than Sliced Bread - Slice off all wheels - This is the same as Split 
Personality but you need to slice off both sides of the car so no wheels remain.
There are many tracks that have multiple lasers back to back, all of which will 
work fine.

-=The Next Step=-
Adventurer - Finish the Adventure Campaign - This also unlocks the Archive car model.
Speed Runner - Finish the Adventure Campaign in 1 hour - This is not as difficult 
as it first may sound. Your second run through (if not your first) you won't have 
any issues.
Moving Forward - Finish Cataclysm in the Adventure campaign
Blast from the Past - Finish the Lost to Echoes campaign
Keymaster - Unlock all official levels
Gold Collector - Get Gold medals on all Adventure levels in Sprint - 
This also unlocks the Halcyon car model.
Millionaire - Earn 5,000,000 lifetime eV - This will happen naturally over 
the course of playing by virtue of all the flying, wallrides, and tricks 
you will be doing.

-=Getting Somewhere=-
Still Alive - Complete Overload without dying
Grounded Departure - Finish Entanglement without wings - 
This requires using gripfly instead of regular flying.
Meet Your Rival - Finish an online match
Welcome to the Family - Play a Workshop level
World Traveler - Complete 10 Workshop maps
Big Brother - Break a camera drone's screen - There are several throughout the 
campaign. If you hear what sounds like a camera taking a picture of you, then that 
is what you're looking for. A camera drone is nearby, just fly into it and break it. 
Alternatively, the first level in the Legacy campaign (in Arcade), Broken Symmetry 
has one as well

-=No Rest for the Weary=-
Trackmogrifier - Play a Trackmogrify track
Cheat the System - Beat a Trackmogrify track in less than 10 seconds - There are 
many words and combinations that can work, for example: shortshortshortshortshort.
Rampage - Break apart 15 street lights in a level - Using the keyword "breakable" 
in Trackmogrify will create a track with many street lights. Fly into 15 of them, 
no hurries.
Wordsmith - Discover 10 keywords in Trackmogrify
Down But Not Out - Narrowly miss the kill grid then hit a checkpoint - While there 
are many sections that can work, I found the start on the Arcade map Candles of 
Hecate to be easiest. The start entails a gripfly over a gap (as wings are disabled) 
with a kill grid just below where you will be flying. Not only will you be able to 
practice gripflying, but it's at the start so works well if you need to reset and 
has a checkpoint immediately after the gap.
Pumpkin King - Break all pumpkins in Spooky Town - This also unlocks the Encryptor 
car model.
The Long Grind - Complete a grind of 250 meters or more - The first track in the 
Arcade has a useful long straightaway at the start. Wait until you are halfway to 
the first checkpoint so as not to overheat, then rotate the car upside down and boost 
(upside down so you see sparks) until you pass 250 meters. Thanks to Skexer.
+ 9. Ninja in Training - Complete a wallride of 250 meters or more - AND - Six 
Figures - Land a trick over 100,000 eV - Use the keywords "extremely long upsidedown 
boring" in Trackmogrify. Just driving upside down on this track while holding grip 
will cau

-=Spoiled Crabs=-
These are generally puzzle, exploration, hidden type achievements. If you are a 
stickler about wanting to find these out on your own, then do not read further. 
There are various hints that you can find to get it done alone. Nonetheless, for 
the sake of completeness, my intrepid readers, I will provide the final three 

Vendor Bender - FInd pieces from the past in Lost to Echoes - This is the method 
for unlocking the Interceptor car model, which was the car model in Nitronic Rush, 
the predecessor game to Distance. It involves finding a piece of the car model in 
each of the levels in the Lost to Echoes campaign. These must be played in the 
Campaign section and not the Arcade
The Other Side - skuttling, skuttling, skuttling... - This is a complex achievement 
that involves finding a crab (yes a crab) in each of the levels in the Lost to 
Echoes campaign. It is recommended to play in the Campaign mode and not the Arcade 
mode as this is required for a couple tracks. If you have questions concerning 
specific paths, please ask. If all else fails, follow the specific path taken in 
the video. After finding each of the crab pieces, a new Campaign comprising one
 massive level opens up called "The Other Side". Completing this new campaign level 
will award this achievement. Easier said than done.
Worthy - Earn the approval of the Elders - Without going into too much detail, this 
involves finding the secrets on the campaign level, The Other Side, that was opened 
in the previous achievement.

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