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  Hints and Tips for: Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition 
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 Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Cheats

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy experience points:
After getting the Telekinesis+2 ability, go to Cyseal. Go on the road northwest of the 
market square. Look for a large beer barrel on stilts behind some wooden barriers and 
up some steps. 

Once there, switch to your secondary character and place the barrel in their inventory.
The barrel will overburden that character, making them unable to move. Switch back to 
your main character and leave the secondary character with the barrel. Get into a random 
encounter outside Cyseal. During combat, open your inventory menu and send the Beer 
Barrel to your main character. Take the barrel out of your inventory, then use 
Telekinesis+2 to slam it into your enemies. They should be killed instantly. 
All enemies from random encounters in the overworld map can be killed by this method. 

Source Temple puzzle:
Once inside the Source Temple you will find a massive puzzle in the central chamber 
with three Statues of Self-Awareness. Step on the floor panel switch to open the first 
door. There are pressure pads in each room, but some are dangerous. Step on the pressure 
pad close to the giant head, then enter to the room to the right. Step on the pressure 
pad found there to open the left door that opens into a third room. Once inside, bypass
the poison gas trapped pressure pad. Search the walls to find a hidden button that opens
another doorway. Go through to enter an area with a broken bridge. Throw a Teleport 
Pyramid across and teleport to the other side.

Teleport across the hole and search for a door to open past some wreckage to reach a 
teleportation waypoint. Activate the "Source Temple Vault" waypoint to enter the Source 
Temple Vault. Save the game, as another puzzle must be solved. You must destroy one of 
the statues, but if the incorrect one is selected you will teleport to the start of the 
temple. You must solve the puzzle and destroy the correct statue based on the clue that 
is given. Throw a Teleport Pyramid into the treasury and travel inside. Step through 
the mirror, collect the Earth Key, and retrieve your Teleport Pyramid. Return to the 
central chamber and go upstairs.

Use a characters with high Perception to find a hidden switch on a wall to the right of 
the stairs and to the left of the door. If you were not able to find it, go down and 
throw a Teleport Pyramid into the chamber from the south, then step on the pressure pad 
inside to open the gate. Leave one of your characters on the pressure pad while the rest
of your party opens the Earth Door with the key. Kill the enemies found inside, then use 
the clue to destroy the correct statue and obtain the Air Key. Return to the central 
chamber and search for a floor switch next to the giant head. Go through the door that
it opened. Once in the second pressure plate room, leave a Teleport Pyramid behind 
before entering the poison trap chamber. Activate the poison trap, then use the Teleport 
Pyramid you left behind to escape. The Air Door path should now be open. Go through the 
Air Door to enter a maze halls. Reach the center of the maze to find a closed gate. 

Throw a Teleport Pyramid through then find the switch to open the path that leads to a 
third statue puzzle. Follow the clues and destroy the correct statue. Return to the 
central room. All three Statues of Self-Awareness should be lit. Read the books to get 
clues. The final puzzle involves lighting specific candles in a specific order. 
The order will vary depending on which statues were destroyed. Each correct step will
produce a lightning bolt. The tasks that must be done are as follows; change the order 
to match your specific puzzle: 

* Light all candles, except for the center one. 
* Light the center candle only. 
* Light the three horizontal candles only. 

After three lightning strikes, the bookcase will open. 

Blood Stone locations:
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding stone. 

* In Cyseal, tell Evelyn the healer which person to save. 
* At the end of the Black Cove, after the Pontius Pirate Boss fight. 
* Inside Maradino's dungeon lab at Luculla Forest. 
* In Luculla Forest, complete the quest with Mangoth and sacrifice him. 
* Destroy the central totem in the middle of the Goblin Village in Luculla Forest.
* Search Loic cellar in Luculla Forest to find two stones. 
* Smash the Iron Maiden in the Hiberheim prison. 
* After finding Cassandra's true corpse in the Temple of the Dead in Dark Forest, 
  search to find it. 

Star Stone locations:
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding stone. 

* In the tavern murder room at Cyseal; part of the first quest.
* Next to the connecting path between Cyseal and Luculla Forest.
* Dropped by Braccus Rex at the end of the "Undead Scourge" quest started outside the 
  Cyseal church.
* In the Immaculate Trial dungeon in Luculla Forest.
* In Luculla Forest, complete the quest with Mangoth and do not sacrifice him.
* Inside Boreas' treasure vault at Hiberheim.
* Destroy the sarcophagus within the Knight's Tomb dungeon in Dark Forest.
* Search for buried stones near the teleportation mirror inside the Source Temple 
  in Dark Forest.

Easy money:
At the start of the game, you will not have much gold. To get a lot of gold, find 
the raised balcony with the high ladder on the balcony in Fort Joy. Teleport up to 
the balcony, then drop the ladder down to easily access the locked door. 
Lockpick the door (it helps to have a diverse team) to enter Orivand's Chambers. 

Note: If you do not have the Teleportation skill, acquire the Glove Of Teleportation 
from "The Teleporter" quest. The chambers are full of expensive objects to steal, 
including paintings and another locked chest you can get open with the right skills.
Take all available items and sell them for easy gold. 
Do not forget to move the dressing panel in the missing balcony wall to find another 
unlocked chest outside the chamber.

Put points into the Thievery and Sneaking skills to earn a lot of gold by pickpocketing 
in town. Sneaking reduces vision cones, making it easier to avoid detection, while 
thievery enhances the amount of gold you can loot, and improves your pickpocketing and 
lockpicking skills. 

Note: You can respect at any time to drop all your points into Thievery and Sneaking 
if you want quick money. It also helps to collect armor or gear that further enhances 
Thievery. Reach at least Thievery 4 for the best results. You can only attempt to 
pickpocket a target once. If you find a target with lots of stuff to loot, dump all 
your points and enhance Thievery as much as possible to get the most value out of a 
wealthy NPC. You can completely rob traders -- so check to see if there is a spot 
you can enter stealth near shops whenever possible. After robbing an NPC, they will 
realize they have been robbed after a few seconds. Complete a pickpocket, then 
immediately retreat out of the area so they do not see you. They will only alert 
others and attack if they see you after they realize they have been robbed -- so you 
can sprint away safely right after a successful pickpocket. Before pickpocketing, 
send the rest of your party far away so you do not have to deal with them while 
sneaking/retreating. They can wait outside of town or in a far-off location where 
your victims will not find them. If a pickpocketed NPC does not find you, they 
will exit the alert stage and you can safely talk to them without incident. 
At Thievery 4, you can earn 2,000+ gold from a single wealthy NPC.

In the town of Driftwood on Reaper's Coast, go to the graveyard called Ryker's Rest.
Knock on Ryker's door and talk to him, then tell him the truth in the conversation 
tree. He will let you inside his well-stocked house. This method relies more on your
Bartering skill than you stealth. Note: Talk to the Masked Servant beside the dining 
table. He will turn to face whatever direction you choose to talk to him. 

Talk to him so he looks away from the table. You can then loot it freely while 
sneaking. The building is full of items you can loot if you are sneaky. The dining 
table contains a bunch of good items (golden spoons, serving plates, forks, knives, 
pitchers, and lots of other junk that is only good for selling). 

Collect all items and sell them at the nearest store to easily earn 3,500 gold. 
There are more rooms with additional masked servants —- go through the house and 
steal everything. You also do not need high stealth to rob Ryker's place.

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