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  Hints and Tips for: DJMAX Respect V 
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 DJMAX Respect V Cheats

DJMAX Respect V

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks For Getting Started:
Written by El Zerelito

So you just started the game, saw that awesome intro and just entered in the main 
menu, where i’m going to start?

FREESTYLE: This mode is “the main mode”. all the songs are here and your goal is 
getting the best score/combo you can achieve.

AIR: This is like “arcade mode”, you play random songs. here you can learn to play 
easily because if the song is too hard for you, you can just press F4 and it will 
go autoplay

COLLECTION: Here are your stats, make sure to check the achievements while you play 
a bunch of songs. try to do all of them

RANKED: Unless you’re playing this game 24/7 this section doesn’t care,

-=Tips & Tricks=-
Okay, we’re going FREESTYLE. what should i learn before?

Always check BPM before start. if bpm is 100 or less, try to change speed 3.0 or 2.5, 
for standard, play on 2.0, this is taste-like, so pick the speed you feel most 

You can filter songs by tiping the first letter. So if you type “B” you’ll go to 
“Beautiful Day”, if you type “R” you’ll go to “Ray of illuminati” and so on…

You can select what buttons do you want by pressing number buttons. 
4 is 4 buttons, 6 is 6 buttons and so on…

You can move better with Page UP/Page DOWN because it jumps any locked song. 
useful if you’re filtering songs by game instead of only playable.

There are 2 goals in freestyle. COMBO and SCORE. You can do both at the same time, 
score is aiming to 100% accuracy of the song, the game call it “Perfect Play”. 
combo aims to get full combo, your goal is not miss any note.

For combo players, this tricks will make you get the FREESTLYE COMBO achievement 
unless you fail on purpose

If you fail a note, you can restart any song and you’ll get to the combo BEFORE 
playing the song. so, for example, if you had 20.000 combo and you lose combo at 
25.000, you can restart and it will go back to 20.000 instead of losing the combo.
If the song is too hard for you, you can restart and JUST BEFORE SONG STARTS press 
select music option. make sure that no prompt asking you to reset your combo appears. 
if you do it correctly, you will get to select music screen with your latest combo.
Some useful tricks

In settings (F10), change input layout if you have spanish keyboard because “ñ” 
would be set as “;”
Change V-sync to 60fps/144fps, this would help to reduce game offsync, also change 
to fullscreen (you will need to do this everytime you play the game because it 
restarts to borderless windowed for now. it should be fixed soon)

Level Unlock Songlist:
Written by El Zerelito

This is the list made by Rocky Studio itself to show what songs do you unlock when 
level up.

You can unlock ALL SONGS just leveling up. you can do freestyle combo achievement 
to unlock higher level songs before, but every song can be unlocked just playing.

This is the song list and what level do you need to unlock that song.

LV.2 Only for you
LV.3 Memory of Beach
LV.4 Miles
LV.5 U.A.D
LV.7 Hello Pinky
LV.8 Waiting for you
LV.9 End of the Moonlight
LV.10 Your Own Miracle
LV.11 quixotic
LV.12 Light House
LV.13 Good Bye
LV.14 The Obliterator
LV.15 Out Law
LV.16 Cherokee
LV.17 Beyond Yourself
LV.18 Astro Fight
LV.19 Another DAY
LV.20 Ray of Illuminati
LV.21 Memoirs
LV.22 Running girl
LV.23 Jupiter Driving
LV.24 Syriana
LV.25 glory day
LV.28 NB Rangers -Returns-
LV.30 NB RANGER – Virgin Force
LV.31 ON
LV.32 plastic method
LV.33 Binary World
LV.34 Can We Talk
LV.35 WhiteBlue
LV.36 Child of Night
LV.37 ??? ??? 1? (Piano Concerto No.1)
LV.38 Negative Nature
LV.39 Armored Phantom
LV.40 Enemy Storm
LV.41 Fentanest
LV.42 The Feelings
LV.43 Rock Or Die
LV.44 Road Of Death
LV.45 Rolling On the Duck
LV.46 Remains of Doom
LV.47 Chrono Breakers
LV.48 Midnight Blood
LV.50 BlackCat
LV.51 ~Live Mix~ (Ask to Wind ~Live Mix~) | FREESTYLE COMBO: 150.000
LV.52 Phantom Of Sky
LV.53 ?? ~Stay With Me~
LV.54 Catch Me
LV.55 Chain of Gravity
LV.56 Kung Brother
LV.58 Mess it Up
LV.59 waiting for me
LV.60 Blythe
LV.61 Yo Creo Que Si
LV.62 Runaway
LV.63 Ya! Party!
LV.64 Showtime
LV.65 Don’t Die
LV.66 Para-Q
LV.68 Royal Clown
LV.69 Dreadnought
LV.70 Minus 3
LV.73 Rocka-a-doodle-doo
LV.75 CnP
LV.77 Secret Dejavu
LV.78 Minimal Life
LV.79 Sunset Rider
LV.81 Dream of You
LV.82 Lemonade
LV.83 (Taekwonburi)
LV.84 Triple Zoe
LV.85 Mulch
LV.86 Sunny Side ~Deepn’ Soul Mix~ | FREESTYLE COMBO: 200.000
LV.88 Brain Storm
LV.89 Seeker | FREESTYLE COMBO: 250.000
LV.90 Enter The Universe
LV.92 A.I | FREESTYLE COMBO: 300.000
LV.93 Smoky Quartz
LV.94 OBLIVION ~Rockin’ Night Style~ | FREESTYLE COMBO: 400.000
LV.95 v o l d e n u i t
LV.96 SIN ~The Last Scene~
LV.98 We’re All Gonna Die | FREESTYLE COMBO: 500.000
LV.99 Nightmare

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