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  Hints and Tips for: Do Not Feed the Monkeys 
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 Do Not Feed the Monkeys Cheats

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cage & Mailman Collectibles:
There are 3 achievements for collecting items, increasing in number of items required. 
You have to have them all at once, you can’t sell the items if you want the achievement. 
You can get collectibles from certain cages – you do need to be home to get them, if 
you miss the delivery too many times the mailman will give up – and from lying to the 
mailman about apartment 36.

-=Cage Collectibles=-
* Shewolf of Wall Street’s wig: Tell him to give up on his dreams.
* Starry Umbrella: Save the Nova 7 captain AND tell her son that you’re going to save 
* Dictator’s Hat: Encourage Henkel to return to his country.
* Signed photographs for informing Applegate’s manager about Dooley, OR, naked photographs 
  for blackmailing Dooley.
* Expensive egg: Blackmail philanthropist.
* Killer doll: Having doll cage.
* Whip: Call Peole and select the sex wordgroup 3 times, pay her 50$ when she shows up.
* Bible: Have a really good plant when the witnesses come to pick it up.

-=Mailman Collectibles=-
* Yellow Flowers
* Chloroform, but it’s broken slightly so you just go to sleep for a bit.
* Cocaine (Selling this ends your game)
* Brick
* Orthopedic Leg
* Living Heart
* Urn with Ashes
* Christmas Lights
* Cherry Pie

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