Dominion - Storm Over Gift 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dominion - Storm Over Gift 3 
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 Dominion - Storm Over Gift 3 Cheats

Dominion - Storm Over Gift 3

Controling the enemy:
Submitted by: Matthew Gatioan

Hold Shift and click on enemy vehicles,units or buildings to control them. You can
order enemy vehicles & units to fire each other or you can sell enemy buildings or
upgrade them if you want. 
Note: Do not put the enemy units near your troops or else they will attack each 

Editing the mission:
Submitted by: Matthew Gatioan

You can edit the missions in dominion.To do this open the .sdl file on wordpad in 
dominion folder I try this to the demo. You can edit here the Men & materials.
find the  men & materials column example: men & materials 100, 2000, 800,& etc,
The 100 there is the men the 2000 is Materials edit it. Dont edit the others after
Materials.If you put 999999999999 to all men & materials if start the game the 
display of men and materials have a minus if you collect from the refinery the 
amount of that dont decrease it keeps increasing.If you cannot save the .sdl 
file you modified that says read only go to the folder and right click on the sdl
file and click properties.After that uncheck read only and check the archive and 
press ok.Then you can save it.

Hey, pathetic human! Scorps stinging you too hard? Maddened by Mercs? Need some 
Darken enlightenment? Try these Dominion cheats and take over Gift3 the easy way!
To make them work at any time during the game, hit Enter, type in the following 
codes, then hit Enter again:

Cheat Codes     Result 
LUSHEE       - increases resources 
ZIPPER       - speed build 
INFRARED     - reveals map 
COMBUSTION   - kills enemy units 
TILT         - More money
SETI         - No radar


Be aware of your unit effectiveness against various targets. There is nothing worse 
than charging into the enemy only to realize his unit is invulnerable to small-arms 

Watch for engineers sneaking about. In general, your base should be ringed by cheap 
infantry on all sides--not just the side facing the enemy.

The AI is fuzzy about sending units to help out even when its buddies are being slain 
nearby. Whenever you hear combat, make sure your allies are actually helping out.

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