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  Hints and Tips for: Doom 2 
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 Doom 2 Cheats

Doom 2

Submitted by: Khalid Bajwa
when game starts press "iddqd" and you will not be hurt
during game play press "idkfa" and get full everyting e.g (full ammo,full health,all 
                        weapons and all keys etc.
during game play press "idclev" and press number 1-30 to reach in dsired part.
during game play press "idclip"to pass through walls.

Submitted by: Enigma Question 
type during the game:

Code   Result
IDFA - Gives you everything, but not the keys

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Aleksandar Srdanovic
Press these Codes During Gameplay

Cheat      - Result
iddqd      - GOD mode
idkfa      - weapons,ammo,armour,keys
idclip     - walk through anything
idchoppers - chainsaw
iddt       - upgrading for map (press two times for 
             complete map)
idbeholds  - temporary berserk strength
idbeholdv  - temporary GOD mode
idbeholdi  - temporary partial inisibility
idbeholda  - full auto map
idbeholdr  - antiradiational suit
idbeholdl  - lights
idclev#    - takes you to level #
idmypos    - shows your coordinates and direction

There are lots of sections to this cheat entry so read it 

Paramaters that mean something:
 -turbo 250 

The next cheat code, to play music, exists primarily in DOOM 2.  
It can also be found in DOOM 1 v1.666, but only song 1 is there.  
Please note that this is a very version-specific cheat.

IDMUS##   This cheat changes the music in Doom II.  Where ## is a
2 digit code indicating a song number.  A list of the numerical
values for all the Doom II songs follows.

00   INTROA  01   RUNNIN   02   STALKS
03   COUNTD  04   BETWEE   05   DOOM
06   THE_DA  07   SHAWN    08   DDTBLU
09   IN_CIT  10   DEAD     11   STLKS2
12   THEDA2  13   DOOM2    14   DDTBL2
15   RUNNI2  16   DEAD2    17   STLKS3
18   ROMERO  19   SHAWN2   20   MESSAG
21   COUNT2  22   DDTBL3   23   AMPIE
24   THEDA3  25   ADRIAN   26   MESSG2
27   ROMER2  28   TENSE    29   SHAWN3
30   OPENIN  31   EVIL     32   ULTIMA
33   READ_M  34   DM2TTL   35   DM2INT

Secret Stuff to look for in DOOM 2...
Level 15: IDCLIP and just walk straight.  You'll hit a 
neat warp pentagram soon.

Level 30: IDCLIP yourself straight thru the demon's head.  
Shoot the programmer's head on the severed stick to kill 
the last man.  It screams.

Killing Red and Brown round tummies:
Submitted by: Mohan

The Red tummy can be killed by a single shot with a shot gun. 
The Brown tummy is a bit dangerous.This is the mother tummy and 
it gives birth to many red tummies. You have to kill this brown 
tummy first and then the red one's, else the red tummies keep on 
increasing enormously.

Actually, idbeholds isnt temporary, it lasts the whole level, but the screen is 
red temporarily.

How to Beat the Final Boss:
As you aready know, you go into the teleporter, make your way up to the highest
ledge and flip the switch. It will raise a small platform in the middle of the 
toxic lake. Run down and press the "Use" button. It will rise, and hopefully 
with you on it. Pull out your rocket launcher. Now, the next step requires a 
lot of skill and planning and good eyesight and judgement. When the nose of 
your launcher is pointed at the chin of the goat's head, FIRE!! Hopefully, 
the rocket will go down the gole in the beast's forehead and you will hear a
scream. Repeat as necessary. You should only have to do this twice, if it 
works both times. Here's an even simpler solution. While you're in the room
with all the ammo and weapons, type "idclip" and run straight through the 
wall, past the ledge, and into the boss's head. You will see John Romero's 
head in there. (He's a creator at id Software.) All you must do is shoot the
head as many times as needed. Just use the BFG.

Unlimited rockets:
Go to level 30, Icon Of Sin. Collect all the items, then enable the iddqd code. Go
through the warp, then enable the idclip code. Go backwards until you get to the 
skull switch. Blast the demon that appears with two rockets to kill it. Activate 
the switch. Go on the rising platform using the idclip code. Do not walk through 
the wall of the demon. Blast the demon's forehead (the part that makes skull boxes).
This will hit the head on a stick inside. You should be able to hear a roar. The 
rocket box on top of the platform can be collected an unlimited number of times, 
unless you collected the box beforehand. 

If you kill a monster then an Arch-Vile brings it back, if it is then squished 
(falling ceiling effect) the Arch-Vile will bring it back again, providing it is 
not mush. If this happens, then the monster will be affected by this glitch. It 
can walk through walls, and is relentless in pursuing you. You also cannot kill 

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