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  Hints and Tips for: Downward 
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 Downward Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternative Endings Guide (Spoiler Free):
Written by UltraDrumLover.

All you need to do to unlock the alternarive endings of Downawrd!

-=Some Explanations
Since I've seen that there are a lot of people who, like me at first, 
have doubts about the game's finals, here's my guide.

Yes, there are two alternative finals besides the basic one, both of 
which are unlockable only by doing certain things before the final boss. 
The good thing is that when the game finishes, you will re-start before 
the end, so you can try the other finals right away if you've unlocked 
them. In case you have not unlocked them the first time, you can do what 
is needed to unlock them after the boss and then go back again to him, 

This alternative endigs are the very core of the experience for me, not 
only because you will need to explore better the world to find what you 
need to unlock them (exploration is the key of the game), but mostly 
because they will explain REALLY what it's happening, who are you and 
what will really happen after the final boss battle. 
Unlocking the endings you will assist to important dialogues during the 
story (the important part) and a different video after the boss battle, 
based on what you will do after the fight.

-=Final of the Skull
Very simple, just collect at least 7 bones. Even if they are hard to 
find sometimes there are more than 7 in the world (I don't know the 
precise number). Once you collect them, go to talk with the skull that 
is under the circular temple after the end of the tutorial and do all 
the dialogues possible with him.

Exiting from this place, and once defeated the boss, you will have the 
chance to place the mark on the machinery... I can't say more! 
The relative icon will tell you were.

-=Final of the Old Man
Take at least 100 dry artifact. This will allow the formation of a 
staircase made of dry artifact inside the purple room located in the 
merchant's liar. 100 seems a huge number but it is easy to make such 
a number if you go to the sanctuary area between the islands where it 
is full of enemies with 4 artifacts attacked.

Once you open the door at the end of the stairs you will find that you 
need to have activated at least 15 crystals of the towers-miccanisms 
that are very common since the beginning of the game, it is easy to 
get such a number if you keep your eyes open from the first steps.

Once you meet these requirements go through the door that will open 
and enjoy what's behind. Exiting from this place, and once defeated 
the boss, you will have the chance to escape the boss area instead 
of activating the mechanism, with a special icon indicating this.

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