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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon Mania Legends 
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 Dragon Mania Legends Cheats

Dragon Mania Legends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Pet your dragons regularly to get coins and the occasional gem. To do this, tap on 
their icon in the habitat then swipe your hand over them. Consider the following 
rotation after you begin playing. Start by collecting resources and feeding your 
dragons. Then set up a new queue and fight if possible. When done, go through your
dragons and pet them. By this time, some of your queued tasks will be done. 

Attack the top dragon first in a battle. It is the last dragon to attack, and you
may have enough power to take him out and get an extra attack. This also means 
there will only be two dragons against yours. 

Each time you attack, watch the attack meter and try to stop it when it is on the 
green section. This will result in a perfect attack, which does more damage and 
fills your Fury meter. This allows you to trigger a super special attack when 

The easiest way to earn coins is to have the maximum number of habitats at all times.
Fill them with dragons. Upgrade the habitats and dragons. Replace dragons when you 
get better ones. 

Use Scrolls to send your best dragons to the Academy. Because there is a limited 
amount of free Scrolls, only send your best dragons (with multiple elements) to the
academy. It is better to have three well developed dragons instead of many low level

When selecting dragons to use in a fight, remember that specific elements are stronger
against other elements. Use dragons that have elements that will give you an advantage. 

Do not waste food when feeding your dragons. Throw it carefully. After your dragons 
are level five or higher, a single fruit can be a lot of food. Stop throwing as soon 
as the level gauge is full. 

Check the elements of the dragon that you want to breed, and use dragons that have 
all the elements. The rarer the dragons you use and the higher their level, the better
the chance of getting a rare dragon. Make sure that you are using the correct order of
the elements. 

Breeding combinations:
Use the following combinations, in order, to breed the corresponding dragon.

Agave: Fire, Water, Plant 
Alien: Void, Metal, Plant 
Armored: Metal, Earth 
Ash: Leaf, Meteor 
Aurora: Metal, Energy, Void 
Banana Dragon: Plant, Water, Energy 
Bee Dragon: Fire, Wind 
Black Armor: Earth, Wind, Metal 
Blueflame Dragon: Water, Void, Fire 
Boiling Dragon: Fire, Water 
Brick: Energy, Earth 
Candy: Plant, Water 
Clay: Earth, Water, Energy 
Cloud: Water, Winds 
Clownfist: Water, Earth, Wind 
Coral: Metal, Plant, Water 
Cyborg: Metal, Plant 
Doom: Void, Energy 
Dracula: Void, Metal, Wind 
Dust Dragon: Wind, Earth 
Eel: Water, Energy 
Elemental: Earth, Water, Fire 
Elemental Dragon: Lava, Snow 
Emerald Dragon: Plant, Energy, Earth 
Geiger: Earth, Energy 
Geyser: Fire, Water, Energy 
Golden Crow Dragon: Energy, Metal, Plant 
Honey: Plant, Energy 
Ice Dragon: Wind, Water 
Ironcast: Metal, Fire, Energy 
Jaws: Void, Water 
Jelly Dragon: Void, Energy, Water 
Lava Dragon: Earth, Fire 
Leaf: Plant, Wind 
Lightning: Energy, Wind 
Lumino: Fire, Void 
Magnet: Earth, Void 
Melon: Water, Plant 
Mercury: Metal, Water 
Meteor: Energy, Fire 
Minotaur: Earth, Metal 
Mist: Void, Wind 
Mud: Earth, Water 
Nightshade: Plant, Void 
Orange: Fire, Leaf, Earth 
Plasma: Fire, Energy 
Prickly: Void, Plant 
Rain: Water, Void 
Rainbow: Energy, Water 
Razor: Metal, Wind 
Regal: Wind, Metal, Water 
Ruby Dragon: Earth, Energy, Fire 
Root: Earth , Water, Plant, Wind 
Rust: Metal, Water, Earth 
Salamander Dragon: Fire, Earth 
Seed: Wind, Plant 
Shard: Void, Metal 
Smoke Dragon: Wind, Fire 
Snow: Water, Earth 
Storm: Energy, Wind, Void 
Sunflower: Fire, Plant 
Swamp: Void, Earth, Plant 
Tesla: Energy, Metal 
Tiger Dragon: Energy, Plant, Fire 
Tornado: Wind, Metal 
Toxic: Plant, Energy, Void 
Tree: Earth, Plant 
Tribal: Fire, Earth, Wind 
UV: Metal, Energy 
Venom: Plant, Metal 
War: Metal, Fire 
Witch: Energy, Void

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