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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon Star Varnir 
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 Dragon Star Varnir Cheats

Dragon Star Varnir

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock The True Ending:
The True Ending brings the perfect and most desirable closure to the story. In 
fact, it is the best type of ending. It makes every minute you spend playing the 
game count. As compared to other games like Omega Quintet and the Record of 
Agarest War 2, getting true ending is relatively easier. This doesnít mean you 
wonít have obstacles and hurdles to overcome. So, how do you unlock it?

The first and most crucial step is to ensure your madness stays at normal levels. 
The madness appears as an orb at the top-right of the pause menu. It fills as 
a result of certain actions and events in the game such as getting game over or 
selecting certain dialogue options.

Probably, you might be wondering why this process is so important in the game? 
The Madness Ending, which is one type of the two endings, relies on the orb 
filling up.

Always remember, trying to get both endings at the same time is not a good idea. 
You donít want the witch to go mad and the dragon in her womb to hatchóthe outcome 
wonít be impressive.

In the second option, you must make sure your sisters survive. It is imperative to 
realize, everything you do outside home causes time to progress. During this time 
your little sistersí icon will change from green to purple. Donít let this icon 
stay in the latter color for a long time as the correspondence girl will go crazy 
and give birth to a dragon.

To mitigate this problem, feed the sisters meat and blood by filling the 
satisfaction gauge. Every time you fill this gauge, dragon growth gauge increases 
and if it happens many time the dragon will be born anyway. The girl will also 
sire a dragon if you take too long to complete the main story.

To be safe you should ensure that you:

* buy dragon meat
* donít grind excessively
* be brief while exploring
* donít complete every quest

All Endings:
Kill 3 Little Sisters and reach over 75% or 100% Madness level before 
defeat Corberia or Final Chapter.

Kill 1 or 2 Little Sisters while maintaining your Madness level below 75% 
or 60% before defeat Corberia or Final Chapter.

Have 3 Little Sisters alive while maintaining your Madness level below 75% 
or 60% and have max affinity level for Minessa, Karikaro, Laponette, Charlotta, 
Faria before defeat Corberia or Final Chapter.

NOTE : You can see 1 character ending only, if you want another character ending, 
use Hell Mushrooms to reduces their affinity level and keep 1 character have max 
affinity level. You can see this when True Ending.

Have 3 Little Sisters alive while maintaining your Madness level below 75% or 60% 
before defeat Corberia or Final Chapter.

You can get all endings in 1 playthrough. You need 2 saves data, one save before
battle with Corberia or before Final Chapter and one at the beginning of Final 

First save data (Before battle with Corberia or before Final Chapter) :

Try to get Mad, Normal, and True Ending like guide above. 
(Donít save at the same data save after this, except True Ending!)

Second save data (At the beginning of Final Chapter) :

Try to get Character Ending like guide above (This must be get True Ending first)

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