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  Hints and Tips for: Dread Hunger 
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 Dread Hunger Cheats

Dread Hunger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Boost Start (Truly Effective Cooperation):
Written by Phoenix

-=Tips for Effectively Start=-
* If itís possible, you can start the game with everyone on rushing for 
  coal. Make sure noone is left alone to limitize the thralls.
* Most people focus on getting ingridients for satchel, bow, keys. If 
  all of you run for getting those coal sheds from the caves in the 
  beginning, you can reach the ending spot in the last 2 days giving you 
  free time to upgrade your characters.
* It also stops the thralls from destroying most of the coals.
* As Thralls, if something like this happens, you need to split up as 
  fast as you can. One should go to the left cave and one to the right.
* Make sure to get as much coal as you can to prevent it from the crew. 
  Once you take it, you can craft some powderkegs and gunpowder to 
  sabotage the ship.
* Donít forget about the totems, they can assist you on whiteouts, 
  especially during the nights.
* In any case, Thralls should focus on gathering their power when they 
  leave the ship first. Sabotaging the first lighting boiler wonít do 
  much but it will surely give you some time for the rest half map. 
  Itís also considered as a ď???? moveĒ for most of the people.
* Totems building must be in empty and well hidden places, after the 
  ship has passed and the place is looted. Make sure the crew donít 
  leave any valuable stuff behind. Itís safer to build your totems when 
  you know noone will come back to search.

Thrall Guide and Tips:
Written by Poopoo

This guide will show you how to play as Thrall in Dread Hunger. You will 
also be able to learn some good strategies that you can use in the game 
to defeat your opponents.

1.Poker game
This is by far the most important step.

You must win the poker game no matter what rubbish hand you are dealt at 
the start.

2.Captainís chest
Now that youíve won the poker game with your amazing gambling skills it is 
time to loot the captainís chest.

3.Day 1
Announce to the rest of the crew the following:
"Pressing C will cause your character to crouch"

Attack either the Cook or the Engineer and inform the rest of the crew that 
they pulled out a bone-knife, oh and try to pull this move when nobody is 
looking at your victim.

Bonus points if youíre the Royal Marine because you can shoot them in the head.

5.Day 2
Make sure you harvest your Day 1 victimís body for its limbs and meat, 
You will need it on Day 2.

Repeat what you did on Day 1 on someone else and harvest their body as well.
You will have enough meat and limbs to cook a human stew.

Feed the crew with the said stew and bask in the glory as they congratulate 
you on the delicious meal.

For this move, you will need 1 piece of meat. Wait until the Engineer /or the 
Cook/ leaves the ship. Drop a piece of meat inside the ship, then pick it up. 
This will create a splatter of blood where the meat was dropped.

Announce to the crew that the Engineer /or the Cook/ has spirit walked right 
in front of you and had a bone dagger in his hand. 
Tell everyone to come to see the blood spatter.

With any luck, the Engineer /or the Cook/ will have a nasty surprise waiting
 for them the next time they show up.

7.Day 3
By day 3 morale will be running low on the ship, ask if anybody wishes to volunteer
their lives for the next stew, if nobody comes forward suggest drawing lots.

Make sure you carry a lantern all the time. Holding a lantern makes you seem 
trustworthy and dependable without fail in this game.

Tell everyone you will be doing nitro now that the thralls are dead. But the best 
move here is to run straight at the bear and get eaten. After your death tells the 
crewmates ĎI got killed trying to do nitroí and ask to be let out of the brig, 
which will make you seem even MORE trustworthy.

If youíve followed the previous steps accurately the game should be over at this 
point. Maybe apologize to everyone for sacrificing them to the dark gods and stuff.

This really is an amazing game to play with your friends, great amounts of fun 
await you with every match. I wish you luck in all your future Dread Hunger-related 

P.S. Try to kill the Cook every chance you get.

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