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  Hints and Tips for: Dread X Collection 2 
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 Dread X Collection 2 Cheats

Dread X Collection 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Keys (Guide to House Progression):
Written by Artman Cometh   

This is a guide to help folks skip past difficult parts in the house. It is not 
a comprehensive FAQ/walkthrough, so don’t expect to find all the spooky secrets here. 
Happy playing!

-=The House=-
The house acts as a central launcher for all of the games in the Collection, except it 
is a whole game in of itself! Solve the puzzles to earn keys and unlock more games. 
Each game is displayed as a VHS tape. Once you have unlocked a tape, simply approach the 
TV and select the game you want to play.

-=The First Key=-
The first key is simply on top of the TV. Select the locked boxes to read about each 
game and unlock whichever you choose. After one game has been played, the door to the 
right of the maiden statue will open, allowing you access to much of the mansion.

-=The Warrior Statue Key=-
Observe the painting in the room of the four limbed statue. No, not the statue of a 
maiden covering her face. The other statue, goofball. Looking at the painting, you will 
see the same statue with weapons in its hands. Simply select each hand on the statue and 
choose the matching weapon. Be wary of crossed arms. Once each weapon is in the proper 
hand, the painting will split in half and reveal a key.

-=The Clock Key=-
A visual puzzle requiring you to input a certain time on the clock in order to open the 
chamber where the key is held. The table will help you find the answer here. The left 
switch operates the minutes hand and the right operates the hour hand. 
Answer: 4:35. Little hand 4, long hand 7.

-=The Piano Room Key=-
A sound puzzle, with notes connected to various body parts that you can pull. A certain 
melody (Shave and a Haircut) has to be played which can be found on a gramophone in the 
attic. Once you input the notes in the right order, the lid of the piano will open 
revealing a key. The order is X. For fun, you can input it again to replay the song. 
Answer: 3-4-4-1-4-2-3 (left to right)

-=The Severed Body Key=-
Body parts are strewn around the premises and have to be collected to be placed on the 
dismembered body upstairs. There are 5 parts in total. Three parts are outside the 
mansion and two inside. Once all parts are collected and placed it will lower the 
pressure plate and open the cage, allowing access to the key inside. 
Locations: Left leg - sitting on outside porch between front door and stairs. Head - 
outside on the lawn chair between the two sheds. Right leg - leaning against a wooden 
chair under a tree in a corner of the yard. Right arm- in the greenhouse sticking up 
from the pot. Left arm- sitting on a table behind the warrior statue.

-=The Greenhouse Key=-
A balancing puzzle. Can be solved relatively easily by figuring out the value of each 
item on the panel. The solution to the puzzle can be found in a book in the library. 
Triggering the correct switches will balance the scales, opening the box where the 
key is kept. Answer: Man, Wolf, Rabbit, Water.

-=The Pipe Room Key=-
Found in the large shed outside. Rotate each pipe until they all connect. This will 
divert the blood from the hanging body into the basin. Once the basin is full, the 
chest below will open, granting access to the key below.

-=The Torn Painting Key=-
This large, empty frame can be found on the second floor opposite the stairs and 
requires 4 scraps to piece together to form a complete image. When all are found, 
select inside the frame to see some cool artwork and unlock the key box beside it. 
Three of the four scraps are found indoors. Locations: On the table in the little shed 
outside, armchair in piano room, in the drawer in the sun gallery and on the shelf near 
the door in the library.

-=The Sun Key=-
A puzzle found upstairs involving busts on pedestals that face away from a central sun. 
Each bust will have to face the sun in order to unlock the key within. Two of the four 
busts are in adjacent rooms, one is in the severed body room and the other is to the 
left of the stairway painting puzzle. They can be rotated with the level below it.

-=The Library Key=-
One of the harder puzzles. The puzzle is contained within a box in the library which can 
be opened by using the button. There are six different sections within with rotating sides 
each containing different art. The answer to this lies in the story of ‘The Bitter Blade’, 
which has three volumes. Two of the volumes being contained in the library and one being 
outside in the tiny shed. You will have to run through the story progressively in order to 
unlock the key here. Answer: Vagrant, angel, knight, demon, demonic knight, dead priest.

-=The Mannequin Key=-
A puzzle located in the attic in the same room as the gramophone. There is a signpost to 
the right of the mannequins with a clue written on it. Remove the legs of the mannequins 
and leave the room. When you hear a “thump” return to find them on the ground with the 
foremost holding a key in its outstretched hand.

-=The Projector Key=-
There is a room in the attic with two slide projectors on a table projecting top and 
bottom panels onto a screen. The note beside them can be used to help determine the 
correct configuration. The safe is to the right of the projector. Queue each image in 
the proper order to remove the bars and get the key. Answer: Child, Adult, and Skull.

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