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  Hints and Tips for: Driver 2 
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 Driver 2 Cheats

Driver 2

Submitted by: Robert Sweeney

This is more of a hint than a cheat in Chicago go to or around Grant Park somewhere 
there will be a police car on the side of the road get out of your car go up to the 
police car and push triangle+up and you will have a police car but I will warn you
your felony bar goes up to maximum so be careful.

There is a secret car in chicago:
Submitted by: Nasrawi

If you look at the map to the left, you will see a small line(which is a small road). 
Go there and keep going until you reach a big place like a stadium. Face the gate of 
the stadium and go to youre left. Go slowly until you see a brown pole that has a 
square on top of it. Get out of youre car and press triangle on the brown pole and it
will say youve unlocked a secret place. Go inside the hall until you find a car. 
(it is a small white car).

The Invincibility cheat is in Las Vegas. To get it, go to the corner of Tropicana 
and the Mid Strip. If you have know idea what I just wrote about, go to the MGM 
Grand Casino.( The one with the big lion in front) When you get there, drive north
and look to your right. Down the block should be a long black and blue building 
with lights across the top and middle. Also you should see a big sign that says 
bingo, go to the left of that sign and there will be a switch between two black 

The Immunity cheat is in Rio. To get it turn around and keep driving striaght and
on your 4th block take a right. Follow this road and then on your 4th block take 
a left, and to your right should be a big building with a smaller building with 
barb wire around the top near it. Go to the smaller building with the barb wire 
and there should be a door. Go up to the door and press triangle and the door will
open. Go in and to your right will be a garage door. Open the garage door and go 
out. You should be facing the big building, now go to the door on the far left and
press triangle and you'll unlock the Immunity cheat. 

Immunity in car: 
Submitted by: Bob

look for a fire truck in chicago get in it and turn on its siren 9turn the speaker 
beacuse the sound is ugly)and go over the speed limit in front of a cop,he will 
think you're going to a fire.

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