Drizzlepath: Deja Vu Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Drizzlepath: Deja Vu 
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 Drizzlepath: Deja Vu Cheats

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide (Full Walkthrough):
Written by Lilly

This guide provides a full walkthrough of the game, together with an 
explanation on how to obtain the achievements.

Note that it contains images and information that could spoil your experience!

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu is a very short (around 1h) and straight forward game 
with achievements that are naturally unlocked by following the story. The main 
achievement requires you to scare away all 24 sparrows in a single game which 
is done by simply walking through them. Being in their proximity also triggers 
them to fly away. You'll find below the location of each of the 6 sparrow groups.

Fly, on your way
Scare away all 24 sparrows in a single game.

Just as the game starts, exit the pond and pass the cabin, then find a narrow path. 
At the beginning of it there will be 4 sparrows.

After you go past the cabin with the man sitting outside, you'll find yourself near
 a pond; at the beginning of the path there will be 3 sparrows.

Right before entering the dark forest, there will be a round stone arch with 5 
sparrows under it.

After you exit the dark forest, continue until you reach an abandoned barn. 
On its left side there will be 4 sparrows.

Soon after you pass the 3 cows, you'll encounter a huge stone arc. 
Right past it there will be 6 sparrows, where the view changes to the ocean downhill.

Go forwards till you reach the lighthouse, circle it around until you find its door/ 
In front of it there are 2 sparrows.

Wake up
Finish the game and return to main menu.

After you reach the lighthouse, turn back and look for an opening with a wide path 
towards your right. From there on, just continue till you reach the end of the game.

Deja Vu... Again
Finish the game and start a new one.

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