D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms of Death Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms of Death 
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 D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms of Death Cheats

D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms of Death

Hints & Tips:
Submitted by: TRU"]F

When roaches approach in a line, assess the width of their progression:
If it is but one roach wide, advance with confidence.
If it is two roaches wide, hold your ground.
If it is three roaches wide, a retreat will be necessary.

A sword may be wielded against enemies in two ways.  You may prefer swinging 
or stepping, but mastery of both is necessary.
There is no defense against enemies that approach from more than one direction.

Only an efficient swordsman will prevail against the roach queen.  
Move swiftly to the queen, paying as little attention to her offspring as 
safety permits.

Fools forget that they can move in eight directions.

Strike an orb repeatedly if you wish to know what doors it affects.  
Orbs are entirely predictable and simple to understand.  
I have never encountered an orb that affected more than four doors, and I have 
never found any to contain complex instructions.

Fear not the most devilish hordes when you stand upon the force arrows correctly.

Evil eyes would rather sleep, so let them.

The fleet-footed may move easily among a nest of serpents.  
They cannot move in the same ways you can, and their predatory eyes 
will not find you well if you do not stand in their view.

Don't stir the tar if you needn't.  Incaution has been the death of many.

When approaching the tar mother, find a safe position before she grows.

Tar that grows in a corridor two squares wide may become impassable.

I fear no single goblin.  Two goblins are another matter.

Goblins in open spaces can be manipulated favorably by simply swinging 
your sword as you stand in place.

Some stairways lead to unexpected places.

There is but one room that the 'Neather can be killed in.  
You will have to play his games before you get there.

Level warp:
On level 4, go to the room that is one left from the very top-right room (The
one with the large square in it). After completing this level and going back 
in, you can place your Mimic where the switch has two trapdoors either side of
it near the bottom. If you flip this switch and go left over the trapdoor, you 
can use the switches to maneuver yourself and the Mimic until you are in the 
large chamber at the left of the room. Around the middle on the left, there 
should be a broken wall that leads to a room which can take you to level 1, 6, 
or 7 depending on which doors are open. There are two large numbers in the room,
and if you flip the switches so that it displays "07", it will take you to 
level 7. There is also one somewhere on level 12.

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