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  Hints and Tips for: Drug Dealer Simulator 
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 Drug Dealer Simulator Cheats

Drug Dealer Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips that may make your life easier:
Written by Megatron

Here are some things you should know before really delving into the game. I 
have played it a lot since it has come out so please learn from my hard work
and many failures/successes.

Save before you leave your house EVERY time.

As of this writing 4/18/2020 DO NOT BUY PTC. It randomly disappears from your 
account. I think the trigger is loading the game but I do not know. 
I have lost over 2k in the coin.

Cut your drugs to a 10:3 Ratio. This means put in 10g of drug to 3g of filler.

Cut with Viagra to make them addicted. Cut with Baking Soda to stretch the 
drugs you have. Its always recommended to stretch your drugs. Beyond getting 
them addicted for the mission I would not recommend getting many clients 
addicted. They tend to die fast.

Get the 150g containers from the Pharmacist ASAP and KEEP GETTING THEM. They 
only re-stock every few days and they are invaluable. Little pricy at $45 a 
piece but the large jars are worthless. Beware you can only purchase with 
your bank account.

Get the big fancy expensive mixer from the Pharmacist. 
Makes cutting your drugs a breeze.

If you have large operations getting multiple laptops makes life easier.

You can fill a bag to the brim (cash, drugs, etc) then throw it on the ground 
and grab another back and fill that one too. Then pick up the first bag and 
carry a ton of stuff. Beware you cannot climb over things, use sewers, or 
run very fast at all. Extremely vunerable. But you can go though the Premium 
Tunnel to the other side.

3 options to cross the checkpoints. Sewers are out in the street but you 
cant carry a bag. My favorite one is just past the guy you pay for your 
drugs (Cartel) in the road next to the eastern slums. The reason why is 
you can rent a building in the supermarket and it a big space and you come 
out very close to this building. BEWARE sometimes when you use the sewers 
you pop up right next to the cops.

Next option is to pay a guy for the maintaince tunnel access. His price 
ranges from 100-350 depending on factors I am not sure on. How far you 
are in the game? Your level? Net worth?

Last option is to just simply cross the check point. You will get searched 
EVERY time so be aware of that. Sometimes the guards are buggy and search 
you multiple times. Sometimes they go to search you then justÖ.wander off. 
When this happens it turns into a chase which you do not want. 
I recommend to just approach the cop and make sure he searches you.

When you get into the big boy leagues and have lots of dealers under you 
the constant need to only pull drugs out in certain increments is really 
annoying. This is what I do if I have lots of dealer drop offs.

If the dealer wanted 37g of product take 50 out of the container and lay 
it on your table. Then drag and drop like you are putting the amount BACK 
into your container but you put in 13g of product. This will leave 37 on 
the table in 1 package. WAY easier to manage your products and speeds things 
up. Its too tedious to do in amounts smaller than 15 IMO but you can do it 
with any amount.

When you are cutting and mixing products MAKE SURE to keep your labeling 
uniform. The game compares your ingredients AND your label so if they are 
different you will have problems.

Example: I make Cut Ex pills and cut ex pills. I used the same amounts for 
cutting but when I was done I had them laid out on the table so I didnt 
notice my mistake. If you try to mix them in a jar it will not let you. 
Also your consumers/dealers will not accept a mix like this either. 
This is a minor thing but really frustrating if you have to go back and fix 
the mistake.

I have yet to be raided but try to keep your assets divided when you are able 
to. Money, production equipment, primary drug storage are good examples. The 
more you have the more you should have divided. To an extent. Its not like Iíll 
run all over the damned place just to gather some money. But keep enough divided 
that if you were to completely lose a building that youíd still be able to 
continue the game.

At this time you are unable to purchase any furniture for your main apartment. 
This is an issue because you will quickly run out of places to store money. 
You are also unable to transfer equipment from site to site. Hopefully both 
of these things change in the future.

Duffle bags are your best friends.

I have no idea how to bottle water as I have no idea how to get bottles. Iíll 
edit this if I learn how (and laziness doesnt strike me)

The game explains it but once again if you make any drug deals or pick up cash 
it will raise your exposition meter. You do not want this. You can of course 
still raise it during the day but dont make 15 drops or it will get sky high. 
Had mine up to Terrorist (~75%) but still wasnt raided.

Do not just put cash into your bank account with an ATM. Also DO NOT CHECK your 
back account with the ATM. Do it at your laptop. You get charged $50 at the ATM. 
Screw that. Also donít withdraw it thats just pointless. 
Unless its an emergency/too much work to get cash the other way.

Dont even bother ranking up the Illusionist skill. Are you really going to stop 
for a cop if you have drugs on you?

Make sure to up the prices of your drugs from time to time as your skill/rep 
increases. The handy bar will tell you if you went too far.

If you are in a pinch for space in a safe house and you are just over flowing 
with cash (Wish I had that problem) you can just throw it on the floor using 
the dump action in the bottom left in your inventory. It just puts the whole 
thing down in 1 small hard to see stack. Allegedly you can leave it like this
 forever but I wouldnt. I dont trust it. But it does stay for 1 whole day for 

Make sure to keep your own dealer paid off. You dont want to go on a spending 
spree then be unable to pay him back.

When you get to the point of needing rep in East Deadend that place is a huge 
pain and requires concentrated effort. There are very few building to tag. 
So make sure you tag everything you can in that sector and bring a handful of 
free drugs. It will take a few days.

The point I am at in the game I stopped selling weed and amp. Harder stuff pays 
more. I think ex pills are next to chop off the list as they require an annoying 
amount of work to cut them down. Its not bad but its more work than the powders.

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