Drug Wars Underworld Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Drug Wars Underworld 
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 Drug Wars Underworld Cheats

Drug Wars Underworld

Buying drugs:
The best way to make money is to follow the price of one drug. 
Buy it at the lowest cost and sell it at the highest. It is 
better than trying to balance out every drug. For example, the 
lowest cost of cocaine (when you have no hook ups from informants) 
is about $18,000. The highest cost is $29,000. When you see it at 
$18,000 buy as much as possible and hang on to it until it reaches
$28,000 to $29,000. You can try this with other drugs as well.

Drugs in bulk:
If you get a tip from an informant about the price of any drug going 
up, the best thing to do is stock up on that one drug. Buy it from 
different locations. You will need a car. Muscle cars allow you to 
get to about three places in one day. For example, if you hear that 
weed is going up in the Bronx, buy as much of it as available from 
all locations (or until you are out of money) and sell it the next 
day. The more product you can get, the more profit you will make.

Run stats:
When you make a character, set his escape ability to 100. You will 
always get away from people if you choose "Run". This is much better 
than fighting because that choice becomes costly because of injuries, 
thugs, weapons, ammo, etc.

You debt will not go away if you kill the loan shark. He will come 
back the next day.

Making money:
Submitted by: dowlok

Start a game make a few deals enough to buy the laptop. Since prices dont 
vary much in each part of the city's write down the high an low of each drug. 
Then start a new game now you should never overpay and in the begining find 
the best deal for you each day.

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