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  Hints and Tips for: Due Process 
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 Due Process Cheats

Due Process

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Tips and Tricks:
Written by nfd

Some more random advice that's usually currently conveyed by your 
teammates yelling at you.

-=General Advice=-
* Matches share your setup room (truck for attackers, cyberpunk basement thing/
  cage for defenders) until matches switch sides (which happens every 3 rounds). 
  Make sure to budget what you've got in your setup room across those three rounds.
  Surviving players from a round keep whatever equipment they were holding when 
  they enter the next round, unless they're switching sides.

* On the round before you switch sides, you might as well go all-in on your 
  remaining supplies. (Just grab that auto-shotty; no need to hum and haw over 
  whether or not you'll need it more later.) You also might as well kill your 
  teammates after winning that last round, so long as you know they'll take it 
  in good humor.

* Players can shoot and see through windows and fans.

* Wall charges *usually* only work on interior walls. They also work on doors 
  (where you usually should use door charges or kicks), shutters (like in the 
  convenience store), and dock doors (where you see trucks docked for loading 
  on the outside of the factory). They may not work on some internal walls in 
  experimental levels, but those walls should be clearly indicated on the map 
  (e.g. a room that says "these walls are unbreachable" on the inside).

* You can use door charges on shutters and dock doors to poke a smaller hole 
  through them: you may not be able to jump through it, but you can still shoot 

* Some walls may be wall-banged with rifles. Other internal geometry typically 
  doesn't wall-bang, but some can (e.g. bathroom stall walls).

* Attackers are much less sensitive to flashbangs (I assume they're wearing 
  Knight Visions?). You can rush into a run right after you throw the flash in, 
  and probably should.

* Barbed wire doesn't do damage; it just slows anyone who tries to walk through. 
  When you place barbed wire, it tends to land right under your feet--bear that 
  in mind if you want to avoid leaving gaps an attacker can tiptoe around.
* You have three firing stances: hip-fire, ADS, and bracefire. If you hold both 
  your sprint key and your ADS key *or* hold your bracefire key (which is 
  unbound by default), you assume the brace stance. Some weapons have special 
  features when bracefired (e.g. switching from a scope to an ironsight, turning 
  on a laser sight). You typically want to ADS or bracefire most of the time.

* You can pick up and use any equipment the other team drops on death. This 
  might be useful for smoke grenades, frag grenades, molotovs, night-vision 
  goggles, roadflares (so-so) and weapons. It can sometimes be useful to pick 
  up door/wall charges and clackers if you're on defense (you can use them to 
  blow up attackers as a swag strat), but you risk giving those explosives 
  *back* if you die early. Attackers probably shouldn't bother keeping barbed 
  wire, and defenders probably shouldn't bother keeping flashbangs.

* Attackers can enter through the skylight in the convenience store (if you 
  want to take this route on the attack, look for a staircase to the roof on 
  the outside of the building).

How to Create a Private Match:
Written by TiGaManN

-=Private Matchmaking=-
To create a private match, you first need to enable a UI setting, to show the 
password section on the matchmaking page.

This can be found by going into the UI settings, and ticking the box that says 
"Show password".

You can then go back to the main menu where you'll find a box that says "Password 
matching"and type in a password, for example "fluff" or "flogel".

Finally make sure youve got the same regions enabled as the people you are queuing 

-=Known issues=-
* If you are not in a 5v5 private match, you cannot find a ranked private game, 
  so if you are in a smaller group, e.g 3v3 or 2v2 you should only queue casual.
* If you queue for a long time and don't find the game, check passwords and 
  regions, and if that doesn't work, try restarting the game or enabling a 
  different region.
* If you get disconnected from the game, you can queue with the password and 
  reconnect, however sometimes that doesn't work and you will have to ask your 
  buddies to restart the game.

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